Amazon’s New Inventory Liquidation Program – How to Get Paid for Removing Inventory From Amazon

NOTE – The Liquidation Program is no longer active on Amazon and is no longer an option for a removal order.

There are multiple situations where it’s in your best interest to remove some of your items from your Amazon FBA inventory. Here are just a few:

  • To remove dead inventory that seems like it will never sell
  • To avoid long term storage fees
  • Because the item has become restricted and you can no longer sell it
  • To lower your monthly storage fees on larger items
  • and more…

Before August 2016, there were only two options if you wanted to remove your inventory: You could have it returned to you or have it destroyed. This month, Amazon has added a new option called Amazon Liquidate. If you choose to liquidate some of the items in your inventory, then it’s possible that you will actually get paid for “selling” your items to a liquidator via Amazon. I’ll give you the details of how much money you could get later on in this post.

The Amazon Inventory Liquidation Program is still in beta, so it might not be available to every Amazon seller, but Amazon plans on trying out this program to see if it can help both Amazon and Amazon sellers make some money from sellers liquidating some of their inventory.
Liquidation screen shot 2Here’s how the program works:

  1. You chose the specific items you want to be removed from your inventory.
  2. You are given the option to return, dispose, or liquidate your items. Note: If the liquidate option is not available, then either that option has not rolled out to your account yet or that item has already been deemed ineligible for liquidation.
  3. Once you submit your items for liquidation, Amazon will spend up to 60 days looking for a liquidator who is interested in buying your chosen liquidation inventory.
  4. During the 60 days, Amazon will not charge you any Long Term Storage Fees (THIS IS HUGE).
  5. During the 60 days, Amazon also will not charge you any Monthly Storage Fees for items successfully liquidated.
  6. If Amazon finds a buyer for the items you submitted for liquidation, Amazon will keep 10% of the liquidation payment and will give you the remaining 90%. Note: It’s pretty normal for a liquidator to only offer to buy liquidation items for around 10% of the average selling price, so basic math tells me you can expect to receive around 9% of the average selling price as a liquidation payment.
  7. If Amazon does not find a buyer in 60 days, then once again you are left with 2 options to remove your inventory: return or dispose.
  8. Once an inventory item has been selected to be liquidated, there are no options for you to cancel this process.
  9. Payments for all liquidated items will appear in the “Miscellaneous adjustments” section of your Payments Report in Seller Central. You should receive the payment within 60 days from the date you submitted the liquidation.
  10. If you don’t get the liquidation payment, then it’s a good idea to open up a ticket with Seller Central and have them investigate.

Liquidation screen shot 1

So when are the best times to use the Amazon Inventory Liquidation Program?

  • If you think you can get more from the liquidation program than from any other method of selling that item (like on eBay, at a garage sale, through Craigslist, etc)
  • If you would have originally paid to dispose of that inventory, then liquidate it and possibly get paid for it instead.
  • If you don’t want to deal with returning items to your house/business.

Amazon LiquidateThe Amazon Inventory Liquidation Program is still brand new, and even Amazon says there is no guarantee they won’t suddenly pull it without warning. It’s an interesting option, however, to think about when you’re faced with removing items from your inventory.

If you’re curious how to set up a removal order (either to return, dispose, or liquidate) on Amazon via Seller Central, check out this quick video:

So what do you think about the new Amazon Inventory Liquidation Program? Do you think you’ll try it out? If you do, be sure to check back here and share your experience with the rest of us.

NOTE – The Liquidation Program is no longer active on Amazon and is no longer an option for a removal order.

11 responses to “Amazon’s New Inventory Liquidation Program – How to Get Paid for Removing Inventory From Amazon

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  2. Love the Liquidate feature! Better option, possibly more money and less hassle to have your items returned.

  3. Charles Schlaepfer

    I am thrilled have this feature. Long ago I made some horrible inventory decisions, and those items have been eating through my disbursements slowly, and now faced with LTSFs… I was about to use free removal, but do I really want to sit out in 105 degree Texas summer doing a yard sale? I need to have one anyways, but it’s mostly dollar store junk that probably wouldn’t sell then either!

  4. I placed a liquidation order and got the confirmation screen and an order number.

    However, the order does not appear in my orders. The inventory hasn’t been reserved. I haven’t gotten an email. Basically, there is no sign whatsoever that there’s a liquidation going on.

    Did something go wrong, or is this just how Amazon does things?

  5. Thanks so much for informing us about this Stephen– I had not yet heard of it– certainly worth a try!

  6. With the Long Term Storage Fee coming Aug 15th. Do you think this would delay the charges by submitting a liquidation request?

  7. Great info but what happens after the 60 days and the items are NOT liquidated? Are we then charged the usual fee by Amazon to dispose or return these items or is it still Free to do so?

  8. I wasn’t successful. Wonder if anyone has been, even the author Stephen. Took almost 2 months for an item to go from pending to completed. I understand the 60 days. Fine. Never got paid, been a couple weeks, now. Don’t see any “miscellaneous” section in the Payments section, as stated above, only an “other” section but nothing is there, the liquidation order is not searchable and although it shows in the FBA “removal order detail” report, there is no info on what your payment is or when you will be paid. No notification was ever received during any part of the process. I don’t expect to receive any $. Even the Amazon reps I spoke to have no clue what a liquidation order is. They said I’m confused that I’m thinking of a removal order. They wouldn’t believe me. Crazy.

    • I had the same experience. Never received any payments or notifications. Items were not returned to my inventory. It has been over 6 months. Have opened cases and still no response. I’ve almost given up on getting anything for these items and definitely won’t try it again.

  9. i used it to rid myself of a couple hundred books i’d of paid $0.15 each to dispose of..worked

  10. From my understanding the liquidation program was a test program and has been cancelled. Still, if you submitted cases and haven’t received a response, I would open a new case, copy and paste as necessary and resubmit but make sure to check the “This issue is urgent and requires immediate attention”. If you are entitled to $, then do not hesitate to check that box. This applies to all types of cases, not just liquidation ones. Also put your phone number and they will call you back. Just make sure you answer. They call from the 206 area code in Seattle or it’s routed through that area code. I’ve had non-liquidation cases not responded to after 3 months but you put urgent and I’ve always received a response within hours. I’ve submitted hundreds of cases mainly for reimbursement and learned the hard way to put urgent.

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