Next Level Amazon

Make a Full-Time Income with 
Only Part-Time Hours via Amazon FBA

  • Turn part-time hours into a full-time income
  • Avoid the mistakes that cause many Amazon sellers to fail miserably
  • Finally experience the freedom that working for yourself brings
  • Make more profits in your business while working less time
  • Successfully transition from a J.O.B. to becoming your own boss
  • Scale your Amazon business for unlimited growth

 Why Next Level Amazon?

Selling on Amazon can be a great way to build up an income that can help you reach your long-term goals, like supporting your family, paying off your debts, and saving for retirement.

But there comes a time in every Amazon seller’s business where your growth levels out. You’re doing all you can, but can’t seem to break through to the next level. Not only that, but you start to think that the only way you can make more money is to work even more… and who wants to do that?

That’s why I created this course.
In this course I outline everything you need to know in order to work less, but make more take-home pay. It’s a strategy that has helped so many people go from working 60-hour weeks just to make ends meet… to truly only working 20 or so hours each week, while still bringing home a full-time paycheck.

What You Can Expect

Next Level Amazon is a combination ebook (160+ pages), video course (5+ hours), plus optional coaching. The content in both digital formats is almost identical, so you can decide which style you would like to learn best – watching or reading.

The course is filled with the content and steps you need to grow a successful Amazon business into a full-time income-generating machine. Shared in an easy to understand voice with no fluff, the course is packed with more results-focused knowledge than any other course out there centered around going full-time with an Amazon business.

Upgrade & Get Coaching

Sometimes you need a little more help than just taking a course in order to get the results you're looking for. That's why we are including two coaching upgrade options on top of the book, video course, and bonuses.

Get the expert guidance, support, and mentorship you need to help speed up your journey of making a full-time income with only part time hours with either our group coaching or private 1-on-1 coaching options.

Finally Get to The Next Level!

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  • Next Level Amazon ebook
  • Next Level Amazon video course
  • All the bonuses
  • 1-on-1 private coaching calls in for 12 weeks (6 Sessions)
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 Scroll inside the box below to check 
out the course outline:

Next Level Amazon: Make a Full-Time Income With Only Part-Time Hours via Amazon FBA

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Laddering Up - Preparing for the Next Level

Chapter 1 - Introduction

  • Imagine the Possibilities!
  • About Stephen Smotherman
  • What to Expect
  • How to Get the Most From This Course
  • Do You Have What It Takes?
Chapter 2 - Check the Foundation
  • First Things First
  • Back to the Basics
  • The Full-Time FBA Quiz
Chapter 3 - Upgrade Your Skills
  • Getting Approved to Sell More Items on Amazon
  • Sourcing for More Inventory
  • Testing Out and Applying New Tools
  • Transitioning More to Fast Turns
  • Systematizing Your Business Activities
  • Staying on Top of Your Amazon Business
Chapter 4 - Work Less & Make More
  • Intro to Outsourcing
    • The Huge Benefits to Outsourcing
    • What You Can Outsource
    • Creating a Freedom Worksheet
    • Overcoming Outsourcing Roadblocks
  • How to Find, Hire, & Train Quality Helpers
    • Finding the Right People to Hire
    • Payment Structure for Hired Help
    • Easy Training Method
    • Outsourcing Retail Arbitrage
    • Outsourcing Prepping, Packing, & Shipping
  • Prep Centers
    • Benefits of a Prep Center
    • Finding the Best Prep Center
    • Prep Center Warnings
  • Find & Hire the Best Virtual Assistants
    • What is a VA?
    • US-Based VAs
    • International VAs
    • How to Find & Hire a Quality VA
    • Ideas on How to use a VA
    • Hiring an Amazon Account Manager
Chapter 5 - Fast Forward to Full-Time
  • Non-Amazon Related Skills
  • Gaining Confidence in your Amazon Skills
  • Fastest Way to Success on Amazon
  • Do Not Sacrifice These Things
Chapter 6 - Master the Full-Time Mindset
  • Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset
  • The Top 9 Mindsets that Matter
  • How to Change Your Mindset
Section 2 - Reaching The Top - Going Full-Time FBA Chapter 7 - Insuring Your Success
  • Liability Insurance
    • It's Required
    • Where to Find It Affordably
  • Health Insurance
    • Multiple Health Insurance Choices
    • Affordable Options
    • Choosing What's Best For You & Your Family
  • Protecting Your Account
    • Amazon Account Suspension Prevention
    • What to Do if Your Account is Suspended
  • Protecting Your Relationships
    • Family First
    • Separating Business and Personal Finances
    • Building an Emergency Fund
Chapter 8 - Don't Quit Your Day Job - Yet
  • Your Current Situation
  • Don't Quit Your Day Job
  • Tips for the Currently Employed
  • Tips for the Currently Unemployed
Chapter 9 - The Overlap - From J.O.B. to Full-time FBA
  • Really, Don't Quit Your Day Job Yet
  • Successful Transitional Plans
  • Increase Your Chances of Success
  • Successfully Working From Home
Chapter 10 - The Full-Time FBA Quiz
  • Full-Steam Ahead?
  • How to Improve Your Score
  • Realistic Expectations
Chapter 11 - Overcoming Your Fear of Going Full-Time
  • Steps to Overcoming Fear
  • Replacing Fear with Truth
  • Share Your Fears
  • Taking Action Despite Fears
  • Overcoming Common Excuses
  • How to Know When You're Ready to Go Full-Time
Chapter 12 - Continued Success
  • Continued Growth
  • Planning Your Successful Future
  • Adding Multiple Streams of Income

 What You Will Accomplish

In Next Level Amazon, you will know exactly, step-by-step, how to build up a successful Amazon FBA business to the point of making a full-time income with only part-time hours. From scaling your business, to setting up your insurance options, to knowing the fastest ways to grow your sales, I’ll show you the proven strategies for how to make a full-time income with Amazon.

After you experience Next Level Amazon, you’ll be able to:

  • Scale your business so that you can increase your profits while decreasing your time invested
  • Create a mindset that will cause your Amazon FBA business to succeed not only this year, but for many years to come
  • Know the best health insurance options for you and your family
  • Understand the best strategies for how to transition from a 9-to-5 job to full-time FBA
  • Finally know how to stop trading time for money
  • Know the clear action plan to fast-forward your timeline of going full-time with Amazon
  • Protect your Amazon account from indefinite suspension
  • Leverage what works for you so that the right work gets accomplished
  • Upgrade your skills so that working less can accomplish more results
  • Overcome your fears of going full-time with Amazon
  • Know the steps to take to ensure continued success from now on
  • Experience so much more free time now that you’re only working part-time hours
  • And so much more!

What got you to where you are today won't get you to where you want to be tomorrow. 

What will your Amazon business look like one year from now? Let's take a moment and imagine the possibilities... 

  • Imagine knowing exactly what to do – step by step – in order to make a full-time income in your Amazon FBA business…
  • Imagine being able to skip over the common road blocks that other Amazon sellers experience all the time…
  • Imagine the financial freedom that comes with becoming your own boss…
  • Imagine what you can do when you’re only working only 20 hours a week on your Amazon business, yet are still making a full-time income.

When I decided to get serious about my Amazon business, I didn’t have a step-by-step plan on how to make a full-time income with part-time hours. Now, thanks to this course, you do.

This course is filled with everything you need to know about how to grow a strong, solid, and successful Amazon FBA business – for long-term success.

Bonus Material – Not only do you get the Next Level Amazon ebook and video course, but you also get these four valuable bonuses at no extra charge. These bonuses will help enhance your Next Level Amazon learning experience and provide the action steps you need to get to the next level.

The Full-Time FBA Success Formula Video – Do you ever wonder how some people are able to easily find success, while others are left in the dust wondering what went wrong? In this bonus video, I’ll walk you through the Full-Time FBA Success Formula and how to apply it to your life. Committing yourself to this formula will help you and your Amazon business see sustainable growth and experience extraordinary results. 

The Freedom Worksheet – This worksheet will help walk you through the process of finding more freedom in both your business and personal life. With this worksheet, I’ll walk you through how to know exactly what areas of your life you need to outsource, and which aspects of your business you need to focus on so that you can wisely grow your Amazon profits even more than before.

Next Level Amazon Essential Resources List – In this PDF, I’ll share with you all of the tools, books, apps, programs, and resources (both free and paid) I have personally used that have had the greatest impact on my journey to make a full-time income with only part-time hours. Don’t waste your time with unproven resources, but instead know with confidence that these tools will help you achieve your Amazon FBA goals.

Glossary of Amazon Terms – One aspect of growing your Amazon business is outsourcing some of your tasks to a local helper or to a domestic or international VA (Virtual Assistant). Whether your helper or VA is in the U.S. or another country, it’s likely they will not know or understand all of the Amazon reseller jargon. This glossary is designed to help teach them the reseller lingo so that they can better understand all things Amazon. Just like Amazon, this PDF glossary will cover all things A to Z.

Real Life Next Level Success Stories

I bought The Next Level Amazon course and it helped me go from $80K in Revenue to $230K the very next year. I started out with one Amazon strategy and switched to an even better one with the help of Stephen. Without this course I would have not used one of the tools recommended by Stephen. Without that tool, I would have not found the right products that has made me a boatload of money!

This course will give you all the tips and tools you could possibly need for your new found career. More importantly, it will give you the confidence to push through all those challenging tasks ahead.

Michael Costa

In this course, Stephen Smotherman answers the questions that kept me awake at night. I was stuck and couldn’t move forward, because I simply did not have solid answers to these questions. The videos are a good length. I could listen to one video and act on it.

But just as important as the information in the course, is that Stephen is a trusted source and that is priceless. When I see that I meet his recommendations in an area, it gives me the confidence to move forward and take action. Next Level Amazon is just what I needed to truly move my business forward

Patti McClain

This course came at the perfect time for me. After almost two years of selling on Amazon, I felt stuck on how to break through to a higher level of sales. In particular, Stephen’s advice on finding and managing a prep center helped me finally let go of the need to micro manage every little detail and spend more time sourcing and running my business. The information on insuring your business was also very helpful. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to achieve next level success!

Jo Ann Zimmerman

The Next Level Amazon course truly does what it says: it takes your Amazon business to the next level. The focus of the course is mostly in streamlining the process and increasing efficiency by teaching advanced sourcing techniques, better business practices, and my personal favorite: the correct business psychology.

In fact, my personal favorites are modules 5 & 6 which teach the correct business psychology because sometimes, the right mindset is what you need most in order to succeed. Although it’s not targeted towards new Amazon sellers, I believe that having this course (along with the JumpStart Amazon course) will provide a much better picture of how to run a profitable Amazon business.

Jonel Fernando

I’ve been selling on Amazon since 2014 and looking for ways to expand my business since then. I started following Stephen Smotherman’s blog and low and behold I found a course to take me to the next level. Stephen’s course Next Level Amazon was just what I was looking for.

Next Level Amazon provided guidance on just what the next steps I should take are. It gave detailed information on these steps, plus a mindset I needed to achieve this goal. Additionally, I was provided information that I much needed to leave my full time job to pursue the dream of full time FBA.

This course is a must for those wanting to achieve a full time FBA lifestyle. I am working on these steps and am confident I will be full time FBA by the end of the year!

Anne Johnson

I have purchased every single course from Full-Time FBA, and Next Level Amazon is by far is the best course yet. Each lesson is carefully crafted to be focused and detailed. From what questions to ask when you are looking for a prep center, to how to hire the best help, to setting up your business insurance, and so on… This course leaves no stone unturned.

Throughout the lessons Stephen uses different strategies, like acronyms, to help the learner remember the most important information. My favorite module was Mastering Your Mindset because this lesson was full of golden nuggets that need to be remembered and acted upon.

This course gives you all of the details of what you must do and what you must sacrifice in order to be successful. Amazon FBA is not a get rich quick scheme, but if you do the right things the right way, then payoffs are worth the effort.

This course helped me overcome my fears of going full-time by giving me the right plan to follow. Finally, I appreciate how Stephen teaches this course. He not only reviews every aspect of expanding your Amazon business, but does so with wisdom, compassion, encouragement, and integrity.

Julie Jones

The Next Level Amazon course was simply incredible. I believe it was chapter 2 where Stephen said “Having the right roadmap helps you get to the right destination” and throughout the course, I knew I had the roadmap to where I wanted to go.


In the past, I have started multiple businesses, including a law firm, a real estate development company, and even a restaurant. Even with this long history in businesses, I continued to learn new things from this course that will greatly help me along the path to going full-time with Amazon.

The Next Level course outlined all of the business information that was necessary to turn a small part-time Amazon business into a full-time operation. I learned about the importance of a business mindset, family relationships, insurance and how to successfully transition away from a regular job. This course teaches the strategies that are usually not covered in other “how to do Amazon” classes.

Finally, I like how the book mirrors very closely with the videos. While some other Amazon courses have great videos, and others have great written materials, this course has the best of both, which makes learning the content particularly usable on a daily basis.

Andy Carter

Meet Your Success Coach:
Stephen Smotherman

I’m Stephen Smotherman. Back in 2012, I was making a full-time income selling on Amazon - but working well over 40 hours a week to do so. By 2013, I discovered exactly what it takes to make a full-time income, but only working part-time hours! With my full-time FBA income, I was able to work from home, get out of debt, save for the future, as well as support my wife and boys. 

My family during an epic Grand Canyon road trip in 2017. Our Amazon FBA business kept going strong earning money during the trip.

Our family loves to visit Major League baseball stadiums across the country while our Amazon business is consistently making money for us 24/7!

I truly love helping people achieve the financial freedom that selling on Amazon promises, so I decided to share all of my best lessons, tools, systems, and strategies for how to grow your own Amazon FBA business into a full-time income generating machine. With this course, you'll know what it takes to work only part-time hours and still make a full-time income!

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  • Next Level Amazon ebook
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  • 1 on 1 private coaching callas for 12 weeks (6 sessions)
  • Private coaching replay access
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More Real Life Next Level Success Stories

The Next Level Amazon course is an impressive and very thorough course with all of the details you need to know to go full-time with Amazon. This is not a “fluff” course that will leave you hanging on what to do next, but the perfect course for those who are serious about wanting to dig into your potential and build a successful business. Taking this program will walk you through everything you need in order to follow thru and build a successful business.

Following all these videos will answer most of your questions and give you a path to build a real business. Yes, going full-time with Amazon is a lot of hard work, but for those with the motivation and desire, it is well worth the effort and rewards. Now is the time to dig in with this complete course and start experiencing what’s possible.

Bob Willey

As the title suggests, this comprehensive course has the content you need to take your Amazon business to the next level. As a former 1st grade teacher, one of the things I struggled with in the beginning of my teaching career was the need to control every aspect of my classroom. As time passed, I learned to delegate tasks to my students, parent volunteers, and classroom helpers, which freed me to focus on what really mattered.

Now that I have made a career change to running a full-time FBA business, I realize that I am battling the same mindset, which is something Stephen Smotherman refers to as the “ superhero syndrome.” It’s the mindset that says, “I started this business. I have to do everything.”

After taking this course, I realize that I have to start outsourcing tasks just like I did in the classroom in order to scale my business and focus on what really matters. Outsourcing is a topic that can be a bit overwhelming, but Stephen Smotherman makes it much easier to accomplish by breaking down what tasks to outsource, what steps to take, and what tools you can use to help you along the way.

JoAnna DuBose

If you have been selling on Amazon for some time and understand how to find profitable products and ship them to Amazon, then I recommend that you consider purchasing the Next Level Amazon course by Full-Time FBA. This is not a “newbie” course but is an intermediate one. It covers all of the things you need to do and all of the things you need to know to move your Amazon FBA business to the next level.

I have been selling on Amazon for some time and I learned many things from the course, plus it reinforced some things that I had forgotten. This course covers all the resources you need as well as insurance to mastering your mindset.

Adrienne Dupree

I love this course! In my opinion, The Next Level Amazon course is for every Amazon seller, even the ones who are already generating a full-time income in your reselling business. Going through this course will help you build up your business on a solid foundation. Even though I am already a full-time Amazon seller, I was reminded multiple times of important details that I need to implement in my business, and also amazing resources I can use to help save me more time in my business and increase my income. This is a must have course for every Amazon seller!

Eleanor Prior

Once again, Stephen Smotherman has delivered an excellent product. The Next Level Amazon course focuses on many of the important subjects that most other Amazon courses rarely touch. It is clear that Stephen is still in the trenches growing his business and is well aware of what his students need to be successful. This course now adds to Stephen’s impressive and significant library of books and video courses. As an Amazon seller, this course, and his entire body of work, all make the job of being an Amazon seller, much easier

Robert Eastman

The above people all loved the Next Level Amazon course, and I think you will too. Now, don’t misunderstand me and think this is some get-rich-quick scheme. While it’s totally possible to start making a full-time income on Amazon while only working part-time hours in less than a year, it’s still hard work.

I’ll share with you the right steps to take in order to get to the point where you’re only spending 20 hours (or less) on your Amazon business. What you do with your newly found free time is up to you. But right now, there is much to learn in order to take your Amazon business to the next level.

I promise you, though, that if you take the right steps as I outline them to you, then you’ll soon be experiencing the true freedom that selling on Amazon offers.

 If you’re ready to start building up your Amazon FBA business the right way and set yourself up for success, then grab the Next Level Amazon course today!

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  • Next Level Amazon ebook
  • Next Level Amazon video course
  • All the bonuses
  • 1-on-1 private coaching calls for 12 weeks (6 sessions)
  • Private coaching replay access
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