The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa

Using Amazon Sales History to Make 
Smart Sourcing Decisions

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to buy inventory that almost always sells quickly?  Do you ever get frustrated because it seems like by the time your inventory arrives at Amazon, your competition has “tanked” the price and you’re not able to sell your inventory at the prices you wanted? If it seems like your Amazon sourcing is more of a gamble than a sure thing, then this course is for you.

The Problem

Slow sales… or worse: no sales!

Competitors always “tanking” prices.

Items you thought would sell quickly but just sat in a FBA warehouse for months.

Not finding enough inventory that sells fast.

Everything looked awesome when you first sourced these items, but now the prices dropped and the profits are gone.

You feel like you wasted money buying bad inventory.

You just wish items sold faster and for the price which you expect them to sell.

The Discovery

I discovered three truths to be the root cause of the above problems.

Truth #1 – The sales rank of items on Amazon are constantly changing (about 24 times a day).  

Truth #2 – The prices on Amazon are constantly changing (over 2.5 million times a day).  

Truth #3 – There is a tool called Keepa that displays the price history, sales rank history, and more. Now it's possible to look into the past to better predict future sales and prices - but only if you know how to read the data (don't worry, I can help with that). 

The Solution

I finally figured out what was going wrong! When I was sourcing for inventory, I was making all of my sourcing decisions based on that day’s sales ranks and that day’s pricing. Why I would ever expect those items to keep the same high prices and low sales ranks by the time I bought them, prepped them, and sent them off to Amazon is beyond me.
Then, I discovered Keepa.

Keepa is a tool that tracks, stores, and displays the data from the pricing and sales rank history for almost every item being

sold on Amazon. Now when I’m sourcing for inventory via retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and even wholesale, I take a few extra seconds and check the Keepa data and make a much smarter sourcing decision. By using Keepa, I almost never buy an item where the price “tanks,” and if I do, I know that the price will recover fairly quickly.

The Results

After using the price and sales rank history data from Keepa to make better sourcing decisions, I’ve been able to: 

  • Experience eight straight years of at least 6-figures in Amazon sales.
  • Hit the 6-figures in sales mark earlier and earlier each year.
  • Every year I make even more than the previous year. 
  • I finally know how deep to go on an inventory buy.
  • I'm able to decipher which variations of items are actually selling the most (and which variations are not selling at all).
  • My average inventory levels decrease each year because I’m selling my items faster than ever before. 

How is this possible? I finally took the Keepa data more seriously and was able to make much smarter sourcing decisions. I also began to discover that sales rank and pricing history was only the tip of the iceberg of the data from Keepa to help you make better overall decisions in your Amazon FBA business. Discovering everything Keepa has to offer totally transformed my Amazon FBA business and was a key factor in how I’ve been able to turn part-time hours into a full-time income with Amazon.

Free Video Lesson #1 – Introduction

Free Video Lesson #2 – Why You Need Keepa

What To Expect

The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa is an online video course that will walk you through how to use Keepa to make smart sourcing decisions.

  • Over 30 laser-focused video trainings (with over 5 hours of actionable content – both beginner and advanced topics)
  • Tons of videos showing Keepa in action
  • How to use Keepa to make more profits than ever before
  • Exactly how to read and understand Keepa graphs 
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs of almost every Keepa feature
  • How to use Keepa on items with variations to make the best sourcing and pricing decisions (like which variations to buy for resale and which variations to ignore)
  • How to buy inventory where the price doesn’t “tank” all the time
  • How sales ranks can be deceptive (and what to do about it)
  • How to count the number of sales of an item (and to know how many sales to expect in the future)
  • Mastering seasonal sourcing and pricing strategies
  • How to know exactly the best price to sell your items for
  • How and when to compete against Amazon (and win!)
  • How to know how deep to go on an inventory purchase
  • Mastering advanced sourcing strategies to take Keepa to the next level
  • How to find and be the first to know about possible Amazon-to-Amazon flips
  • The key mindset shift you need to find success faster
  • LIFETIME ownership. That means free course updates for life (the more I learn about Keepa, the more I’ll add to the course)
  • And so much more!

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the table of contents:

The Reseller's Guide to Keepa
Table of Contents


01 - How Keepa Revolutionized my Amazon Business

02 - Why Keepa?

03 - What is Sales Rank? (SCROLL FOR MORE)

04 - What is a Good Sales Rank?

05 - Intro to the Keepa Website


06 - Price History Graphs

07 - Price History Shapes (diamonds, triangles, and squares... oh my)


08 - Sales Rank History

09 - Counting Sales on a Keepa Graph

10 - Keepa Glitches


11 - Hidden Gold in the Keepa Statistics Chart

12 - How to Properly use a Sales Rank Chart

13 - Know Your Competition with Keepa's Historical Data

14 - The Keepa Data Tab


15 - Adding Keepa Graphs to Amazon Product Pages

16 - Adding Keepa Graphs to Scoutify and InventoryLab


17 - Using Keepa for Profitable Pricing Strategies

18 - Using Keepa for Repricing Strategies


19 - Keepa and Parent/Child Variations

20 - The "Hidden" Keepa Graph Options

21 - Keepa Tracking - Set up Keepa to Notify You of Items to Buy to Sell on Amazon

22 - Using Keepa for Buying/Selling Used Items


23 - Seasonal Sourcing

24 - Seasonal Pricing

25 - Q4 Keepa Strategies

26 - Using Keepa to Know Which Items Amazon Deems as Meltable


27 - How to Compete Against Amazon (and Win)

28 - Using Keepa Deals to Find Profitable Items

29 - Keepa "Great Deal" Notifications

30 - How Deep to Go on a Buy

31 - How to Avoid Price Tanking


32 - Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

33 - The Keepa Mindset Shift

34 - Conclusion - What's Next For You!

How Much is Smart Sourcing Worth to You?

The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa is a one time charge of only $347. With 34 laser-focused training videos, as well as 5 game-changing bonuses, this guide is a bargain when you think about the time and money you will save by making smarter and more profitable sourcing decisions

Imagine not having to remove inventory that never sells… Image not having to reprice a huge chunk of your inventory every month… Imagine finding inventory that actually sells at the price you list it for… Imagine the increased profits with items selling faster than ever before.

This course is filled with everything I know about how to make the most out of the Keepa data. Plus, when you get the course, you’ll be automatically enrolled into the lifetime ownership program. This means that every time we update the course, you’ll get the updates for free.  

Bonus Material – Not only do you get the The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa video course, but you also get these 5 valuable bonuses at no extra charge.  

VIDEO – Using Keepa to Create a Fast Turn SnowballI’ll teach you how you can use Keepa to create a snowball effect with your Amazon FBA profits. You might only have a small amount of capital right now, but if you use Keepa the right way, then you can experience sales and profits that grow month after month and year after year. This video alone might give you what you need to finally break through to the next level.

Sales Rank ChartHaving access to the most up-to-date sales rank chart is vital for knowing whether a sales rank number is considered good or bad. Sales rank numbers are not all the same. A 500,000 sales rank in Books is pretty good, while a 500,000 sales rank in Toys is horrible. This chart breaks down each major Amazon product category and shows you not only how many items are currently in each category, but the breakdown of what numbers fall into the top 1%, 5%, and 10%. This is a vital tool for making smart sourcing decisions.

My Sales Rank Comfort Zones In the course, I teach you that each product category on Amazon has its own “personality” and that I don’t treat them all the same way when it comes to sourcing. When I source for inventory, I usually will not buy an item where the average sales rank is higher than my current comfort zone level. With this printable bonus, I’ll share with you the sales rank zones where I am most comfortable when it comes to making the best sourcing decision on items I feel will sell quickly enough for me.

VIDEO – No Keepa Data? No Problem –  Sometimes Keepa goes down for website maintenance… Or sometimes there is a rare glitch where Keepa is not working correctly. How do you react when Keepa goes down while you’re out sourcing? In this bonus video, I’ll show you what I do and my exact thought process to continue making smart sourcing decisions for my Amazon FBA business when Keepa is down. 

VIDEO - Keepa Updates - Keepa is an awesome program that's always looking to find new ways to make the tool even better. Sometimes the Keepa updates are small changes, but at other times the changes are big. In this bonus, I'll break down Keepa biggest and latest updates. Each time Keepa updates their program in a big way, I'll add more updated training for you for FREE. That's all part of the lifetime ownership program that comes with your enrollment in this course. 

Reviews & Testimonials

If The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa had been available when I first started selling on Amazon, it would have saved me countless hours, dollars, and a whole bunch of self-doubt! Stephen’s comprehensive guide provides detailed lessons in easily-digestible chunks and is full of real-life examples. The information covered in the video training offers a solid tutorial on how to use Keepa to improve the quality of your buying decisions. The course reinforced some things that I had already learned, taught me a few things I didn’t know, and gave me a definite confidence boost in using these tools to make better buying decisions!

Staci Michalicek

It took a little over a year, but thanks to The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa, we finally passed the 100k in sales mark! Thanks to this course, we have steadily stayed well over the 30% profit margin level all year long. Investing in this course was the best money we ever spent. We literally could not do FBA without what we learned in the course. With The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa, Amazon is much easier and much more profitable

Michael Jeffers

I really liked the video course The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa. It’s a very detailed review, how-to, how to use, how to deal with all types of issues course. It’s an all around good guide on how to use Keepa properly, and addresses the usual and unusual situations that every reseller runs into, what they mean, and how to use the data to make better and smarter buying decisions

Bob Willey

The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa is an awesome course on a very important tool. Back when I started eCommerce, I barely understood sales rank, and sites like Keepa did not exist. I learned by making mistakes which was pretty costly. This course will give you a great jumpstart in using this tool and being able to analyze the supply/demand/price scenario on a given product. Effectively using Keepa should shorten your learning curve and help you use your cash more effectively and help you avoid costly mistakes. This course is a major asset to Amazon sellers.

Brian Vienneau

If looking at a Keepa chart makes your eyes cross, then this course is the resource you’ve been looking for! Stephen breaks each part of Keepa down to help you better analyze each and every product you buy. The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa course is not to be missed for Amazon sellers looking to move their businesses forward by making smarter sourcing decisions

Amy Feierman

The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa is a fantastic resource for the experienced and novice sellers alike! I have been underutilizing Keepa for years, but thanks to Stephen’s course our sourcing team will have a much more focused approach. This book is a very “Nuts and Bolts” look at the indispensable program that is Keepa. Never heard of and Keepa before? Buy this course. The mindset behind finding the Average Sales Rank was worth the price of the book alone!

Bryan Young

Stephen has done it again! This is without a doubt the most comprehensive and detailed look at the Keepa program & extension that I have ever seen! Not only does it show you how to effectively use this resource, but includes multiple examples on how to implement better buying strategies by using the data. I highly recommend this video training to anyone that is unfamiliar with how to use these tools or anyone that could use real world examples to help with their inventory sourcing

Jay Bayne

The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa is THE TEXTBOOK on Keepa! Every single detail is examined and explained with examples, photos, and video. From sales rank to price alerts, this covers it ALL. No doubt this course will save me from making bad buying decisions AND make me more money immediately. That’s what I call a WIN!

Staci Risher

I loved going through The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa course! I like how the videos are short, yet informative. Even though I have been sourcing on Amazon for the last 5 years, I am continually learning. This video series opened up my eyes to new ideas on product selection! Thanks Stephen for an awesome course!

Joy Packard

Who is Stephen Smotherman? 

I’m Stephen Smotherman, and I’ve been selling online since 1998 and on Amazon since 2011. I currently make a full-time income (working only part-time hours) selling via Fulfillment by Amazon. With my FBA income, I’m able to support my wife and boys and only work when I want to work. I truly love helping other
FBA sellers, so I decided to share my most popular teachings with you to help you better grow your Amazon FBA business. 

In this course, you’ll get the exact step-by-step strategies that my coaching students would pay $500 an hour for me to teach them. But you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to learn the right way to find and buy the right inventory items to sell on Amazon. Instead, you can get it all in this 5+ hour game-changing course for only one payment of $347.

Q –  I’m a brand new seller on Amazon. Will the content in this course be over my head? 

A –  Not at all. In The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa, I explain exactly what to do with step-by-step, easy-to-understand video walkthroughs for all that Keepa has to offer. You’ll also get some advanced tips to help you move beyond a beginner in your Amazon FBA business. Now, if you're so brand new that you don't even understand the basics of selling on Amazon, then you first need to enroll in our JumpStart Amazon course to get a solid foundation of how to sell on Amazon. After that course you'll be ready for The Reseller's Guide to Keepa. 

Q –   I’m not in the US, is The Reseller’s Guide to a Keepa going to work for me in _________? (Canada, the UK, etc.)

A – While most of the examples in this course deal with using Keepa to make more money via selling on in the US, Keepa also tracks and graphs data from around the world. Currently, Keepa also tracks the data from Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and India… with more countries planned to join them. With Keepa, you can also set your language and currency preferences. 

Q – Do I need to buy anything else to make the most of this course? 

A – Yes and no. The actual Keepa program has both a free and a paid plan. The free plan gives you about 40% of the data that we break down in this course while the paid data subscription delivers the other 60%. But to be honest with you, the data in the paid subscription is the most important and vital data you’re going to need to make the best decisions for your Amazon business.  The paid Keepa subscription is super affordable in when you think about to how well the Keepa data helps you make more profits on Amazon. For more details about the Keepa paid subscription plan, you can click here

Q – If the Keepa course is ever updated, will I have to buy the course again? 

A – No way! This video course comes with lifetime ownership. That means if we ever update the course, add a new bonus, upload new walkthrough videos, or any type of update, you’ll get all the updates at no charge – for life! In fact this edition of the course is version 2.3, and everyone who purchased the previous versions automatically gets the current version for free. 

Q – I’ve been selling on Amazon for a long time and feel like I already understand most of what Keepa has to offer. Will the content in this course benefit me? 

A – Congrats on your understanding of Keepa and your success with Amazon! With over 30 videos (around 5 hours of video training)… there are bound to be some major aspects of the course that will be brand new to you. Each aspect is worth hundreds to learn and implment in your Amazon business. You’ll also probably be reminded of some things you should be doing, but have not started yet. 

More Reviews & Testimonials

In The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa, Stephen goes deep into the details of how to use Keepa for your Amazon FBA business. He covers everything you need to know about how to use this tool to make smarter sourcing decisions. I think every seller should have Keepa in their arsenal – and Stephen breaks it down and makes it easy to understand! Stephen covers it all, everything from reading the charts, seasonal sourcing, and the power of The Fast Turn Snowball. If you want to learn how to make smarter sourcing decisions in your Amazon FBA business then this is the perfect course for you!

Britni Ross

This course is an eye-opener to the detail available in Keepa for successfully evaluating inventory purchases to resell on Amazon. With abundant examples, pictures, explanations and graphics, this course is straightforward, understandable and actionable. Not only will you learn the “how-to” aspects of using Keepa, but you also get wise counsel from a successful seller who has been there and understands the importance of putting all of this into proper perspective. Hint! Don’t miss the video on Mindset Shift!

Cynthia Orie

Understanding the strategies in The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa will help you make better buying decisions, increasing your revenue and profits. Stephen does a great job systematically laying out the information, as well as explaining the thought process behind the concepts shared. A great resource for new and veteran Amazon sellers alike with plenty of golden nuggets to be found

Michael Good

The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa is an invaluable course for both beginners and experienced sellers alike. Stephen thoroughly walks you through Keepa; an absolutely crucial tool for making smart sourcing decisions. Seasonal sourcing and pricing, Q4 planning, zero sales rank sourcing, competing with Amazon, it’s all covered. Stephen literally thought of everything! This course will change the way you look at inventory and will make you better, smarter and more efficient at sourcing for your Amazon business all year round.

Heather Moody

Wow! I loved this course. Keepa had always confused me, but not anymore. Now, I really look forward to using these strategies to improve my bottom line. I will never source the same way again. After watching the video on counting sales, I now look at potential inventory in a whole new way. After watching these videos, I am reinvigorated about my FBA sourcing. The Fast Turn Snowball is exciting, and makes a lot of sense. The Keepa screenshots in the videos are super helpful and go a long way towards helping make sense of all the strategies and ideas that Stephen talks about in the course. The course has solved a big mystery for me about sourcing. I have bought items with great sales ranks in the past, only to have them sit in the warehouse. This course explains why and will help me to avoid this problem in the future

Diana Jenks

The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa is an invaluable resource for those who are new to Keepa. Before taking this course I have never used Keepa. I tried to figure it out on my own, but soon realized that I would need something to help me learn how to accurately utilize this awesome tool. This video course is an invaluable resource as I learn to navigate Keepa in order to continue to grow my business. I am very busy and the video series is perfect! Thanks for taking the time to make these!

Matthew Turner

In The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa, Stephen takes you step by step through the entire process of exactly how to use Keepa. He covers every aspect and makes it clear and easy to understand. Whether you are new to selling on Amazon or a long time veteran, there is something for everyone to learn. I just wish I had read this when I first started selling on Amazon.

Stacy Dodson

In true “Full-Time FBA” form, Stephen Smotherman has nailed a big and important topic. The Reseller’s Guide to Keepa explains how to successfully use Keepa as a tool that is critical for sellers to understand and incorporate for the long term success of their business. Whether you are a new seller or seasoned seller, the clear language, excellent graphics and step by step explanation of the multiple ways to use these tools in improving your sourcing decisions will help you hit even more “homeruns” in your Amazon FBA business. I have been using Keepa for over 3 years and yet still learned some eye-opening information – thanks to Stephen!

Deirdre Harter

If you want to better utilize Keepa for better sourcing decisions, I highly recommend this course. Stephen starts with the basics of Keepa and then explores deeper with the detailed information that the website provides for the Amazon seller. He not only provides examples of how to read the Keepa graphs, but then challenges the viewer to test and check themselves. Stephen also uses real life examples of sourcing decisions in which Amazon sellers can easily relate.

Tracey Young

If you’re ready to take your Amazon business to the next level, then grab The Reseller's Guide to Keepa today. 

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