The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games

How to Turn Play Money into Real Money (Updated 4.0 Edition!)

“Make thousands of dollars every single month buying & selling board games online!”

Do you…

…need a steady source of inventory to sell online?

…want inventory you can buy for next to nothing and sell for huge profits?

…need to make predictable profits all year long?

Reselling board games can be the answer!

Check out these finds:


Bought this board game brand new at a garage sale for $3 and sold for $99.99 

Trivial Pursuit: Master Game Genus Edition

Bought this board game new at a thrift store for $5 and it sold for $59.99

Excalibur King Master III Electronic Chess & Checkers Game

Bought this game for $14.99 at a retail store and it sold for $199.99

These are just a few examples of the board games I sell on a weekly basis. The opportunities to buy board games to sell are so numerous, which makes the profit potential so exciting! In this course, I tell you exactly where to look to find the board games that will help you make the most profit.

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The Reseller's Guide Board Games Table of Contents

Chapter/Video 1 - Introduction

  • How to get the most from this course

Chapter/Video 2: Why Board Games

  • Some "Game-Changing" Stats
  • Board Games Beating Mobile Games?
  • Why Board Games Are Popular Again
  • Why Resell Board Games?
  • Why Would Someone Buy a Used Board Game?
  • How are Board Games Profitable?
  • How to Know if a Board Game is Profitable

Chapter/Video 3: Where to Find Board Games to Resell

  • Places to Find Profitable Board Games
  • More than Just the Board Game
  • Puzzles too

Chapter/Video 4: Smart Board Game Buying Tactics

  • Buying New Board Games
  • Buying Used Board Games
  • Avoiding Potential Board Game Buying Mistakes
  • Storing and Organizing Your Board Games

Chapter/Video 5: Sales Rank Guidelines

  • Understanding Sales Rank
  • Sales Ranks of Toys & Games
  • The top 3%
  • Sales Rank and ROI (Return on Investment)
  • How to Find Consistent Sales Rank
  • Consistent Sales Rank Example
  • Profitable Exceptions for High Ranked Games
  • How Fast Do Collectible Board Games Sell?

Chapter/Video 6: Getting Approved to Sell Popular Board Game Brands

  • Different Types of Restrictions
  • How to Get Approved to Sell Restricted Items on Amazon
  • Restrictions as a Competitive Edge

Chapter/Video 7: Buying on eBay and Selling on Amazon

  • Amazon vs eBay
  • How to Find Profitable Games on eBay to Sell on Amazon
  • Bonus eBay Sourcing Tips
Chapter/Video 8: Protecting Your Investment
  • eBay Horror Stories - Buys Gone Bad
  • How to Protect Your Investment
  • Professional Communication
Chapter/Video 9: Preparing Used Board Games to be Sold
  • Steps to Make Sure Your Board Game is Ready for Resale
  • Sending Board Games Directly To Buyers
  • Sending Board Games to a FBA Warehouse
  • Sealed Used Board Game Label

Chapter/Video 10: How to Find the Missing Pieces

  • How to Know if a Particular Piece is Missing
  • What to Do if the Game has no Instruction Sheet
  • The Step-By-Step Process of Finding the Missing Pieces
  • Organizing Incomplete Board Games

Chapter/Video 11: Where to Sell Board Games

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • and more!

Chapter/Video 12: Setting up Your Board Game Description

  • Selling New Board Games on Amazon
  • Selling Used (Collectible) Board Games on Amazon
  • Real Life Examples of Good and Bad Condition Notes
  • How to Add Images to Your Specific Amazon Condition Notes
  • Selling New & Used Board Games on eBay

Chapter/Video 13: Pricing Board Games for Higher Profits

  • The Power of Perfect Pricing
  • How to Price Board Games on eBay
  • How to Price Board Games on Amazon
  • What if I Can't Find the Game on Amazon?

Chapter/Video 14: Shipping Board Games

  • Preparing to Ship a Single Board Game
  • Preparing Shipment for Multiple Board Games
  • Conclusion

Chapter/Video 15: How to Sell Individual Board Game Pieces

  • Got Extra Pieces?
  • Steps for Selling Board Game Pieces for Parts on eBay
  • Selling Board Game Pieces on Facebook

Chapter/Video 16: Final Thoughts

Bonus Chapter: Resources

You also get some really fun bonuses. Check ’em out:

The Reseller’s Guide to Puzzle Profits
What do you always see right next to board games on the shelves of both thrift and retail stores? Puzzles! Most people avoid used puzzles because they think they have to complete the puzzle to make sure all the pieces are there… but I’ll show you my easy short-cut method on how to know all of the pieces are there. No, you don’t have to count all the pieces or complete the whole puzzle. This mini-book is your complete guide to reselling both new and used puzzles for some awesome profits!

The Board Game Notebook
Finally, an all-in-one place to keep all of your incomplete board games organized. Instead of wasting time looking through your entire collection of board games for what pieces are missing, you can just consult your handy Board Game Notebook. When it comes to incomplete board games, being organized really pays off.

Board Game Organizational System Video
Once you start buying up multiple board games, you’ll need to have a good organizational system set up to store both the incomplete board games (that you plan on completing before you sell) and your board game pieces (that you plan to sell individually). This is an exclusive video breakdown of how I organize my board games. This video will give you some good ideas for how you can best store and organize your board games efficiently.

50 Board Game BOLOs
This list will show you some of the most profitable board games to be looking for when you are out sourcing. The original version of this book only had 25 BOLOs, but the recent update has 50 BOLOs. The BOLO list will not only tell you the board game title, but will give you how quickly you can expect to sell that board game.

Top Secret Surprise Bonus
The only people who know this bonus are the people who own the Board Game course. I wish I could tell you, but it’s so good that if I told everyone, then people would copy it. What I can tell you is that this bonus will help you avoid negative feedback for any of the used (collectible) board games you will sell on Amazon and eBay.

The entire book and video course is the updated 4.0 edition!

With the knowledge you gain from this course, you’ll easily make back your initial investment on the first one or two board games you resell. Talk about amazing ROI!

Plus, when you get the course, you’ll automatically enrolled into the lifetime ownership program. This means that every time we update the course, you’ll get the updates for free. So far we’ve updated the course four times, so you know you’ll always get the most up-to-date info each time we update it. 

This course is a combination ebook and video course. The book is 16 chapters (over 90 pages), the video course is just over 4 hours long, and you also get five awesome bonuses (including the Puzzle Profits book)… . This course is filled with everything you need to know to find, buy, and sell board games online for maximum profits! You could easily average hundreds of dollars every week with what you will learn from this book (I know this, because that’s what I do week in and week out!).

Reader Testimonials

I wish this book was around over a year ago when I first started sourcing board games from thrift stores! I was hooked on buying board games when I first purchased a Snorta board game for $3 and sold for $79 on Amazon! Had I used the tips and suggestions in Stephen’s book on where to source, where and how to list, and how to buy incomplete board games, I would have been waaaaay ahead of the learning curve! The bonus sections on resources and board game BOLOs alone are worth the price of admission! I’m certain you will find all kinds of helpful tips to help you “get in the game” of board game reselling!

Jay Bayne 

Hey Stephen! Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience and expertise with me. Board games have a lot of sentimental value to me personally, so I can see why others feel the same way. I remember when I first discovered that used board games could be so profitable. I was sourcing for inventory at local yard sales and came across a deluxe scrabble board game (in the red box). Since this was a game I remember playing when I was younger, I decided to take a look. Imagine my surprise when I realized that this USED board game would make me over $100! The best part, they were only asking $2 for it. Reading your new guide reminds me of just how much profit there is in finding board games. I love how you give lots of step by step instructions. This is very helpful for anyone who is just looking into selling board games. I can’t wait to share this with some of the newer sellers that I am working with.

Jessica Larrew

The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games is an informative and easy read. The author provides a clear and concise overview of the niche as well as practical steps on how to get started. The book is easy to follow and understand. I have been selling online for ten years and this book has opened my eyes to a whole new niche to source. This will be an excellent reference guide to have on hand. I highly recommend this guide to new and seasoned online sellers.

Amanda Moak

As a full-time Amazon and eBay seller, I read Stephen Smotherman’s book with interest. I’ve sold many toys and games online but only those that I purchased brand new, often on sale or clearance at retail outlets. Stephen’s step-by-step guide opened my eyes to the world of used and collectible board games. Stephen’s guide is easy to read, with chapters that address every concern one might have when considering selling used or collectible board games for resale. He takes the reader step by step through the process, with emphasis on making sure the board games are evaluated, cleaned and packaged well so that your customer is pleased. From teaching us where to find board games to resell (from common but popular board games to rare “gems” that might fetch a high dollar) to listing them for sale online, Stephen covers all the bases. It’s a quick but thorough read, one that I believe will benefit both new and experienced sellers. I highly recommend Stephen’s The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games to anyone who would like to sell these fun, interesting items in their online stores.

Michelle Cupp

Stephen Smotherman’s book on selling collectible board games opens up a new source of inventory for Amazon FBA sellers. Using real examples from his inventory, he shares how he turns games he buys for $2 at thrift stores, garage sales and eBay into high-margin sales on Amazon. Since so many discontinued games are found incomplete, he walks you through how to find inexpensive replacement parts. As a bonus for eBay sellers, he also talks about how some games are better off as parts than complete, and how to tell the difference.

Cynthia Stine

Wow! Stephen’s book should be THE go to guide for anyone interested in selling board games online. Nothing is left out as he describes where to find them and where and how to sell them.

Ryan Reger

If you are ready to jump into the exciting niche of board games, then download your copy of The Reseller’s Guide To Board Games today! Only $107 gets you everything you need to make hundreds of dollars every week. Enroll today before the price goes up. 

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Who is Stephen Smotherman?

I’m Stephen Smotherman, and I love board games. While I love playing board games with my friends and family, I love selling board games for good money even more. A little about me: I’ve been selling online since 1998 and on Amazon since 2011. 

I currently make a full-time income (working only part-time hours) selling via Fulfillment by Amazon. Buying and selling board games was the very first niche that I discovered that was a consistent source of high profits. Since 2011, I’ve been able to find hundreds of board games to sell for a really nice profit via Amazon FBA.

With my FBA income from board games and other items, I’m able to support my wife and boys and only work part time hours. I truly love helping other online sellers, so I decided to share all of my board game reselling secrets with you!

Testimonials from owners of
The Reseller’s Guide

to Board Games:

Stephen’s Board Game book completely opened my eyes to the HUGE profits that can be made with used Board Games. I would normally walk right by this section in a thrift store or at a garage sale and now I can’t help but stop and check out every one. I can’t remember the name of the game that was first big score, but it was a spy/detective type game that came with an electronic device that actually still worked. It was in decent shape and had all the pieces. I bought it for $1.99 at a Goodwill and sold it within about 60 days on Amazon for $79.99. I was hooked. And I never would have even looked at it before this GREAT book. Thanks, Stephen!

Dave C.

I had at least 15 board games that I had purchased from a church sale. These games had been sitting in my home for about 6 months because I was overwhelmed and had no idea where to begin. Then I purchased The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games. I read it in a few days between work and my son’s activities. It was an easy read and helped me with the information and the extra push that I needed to get the ball rolling. The book details what type of games are the better buy, how to describe the game, photos, where to find missing pieces and even more games. My money was well spent. Armed with this knowledge and no fear, I continue to purchase and sell board games. Thanks, Stephen Smotherman.

Teresa G.

I had been selling board games without any guidance and always had lingering questions about how to judge the condition, missing parts, etc. This book provided me with the detailed information on selling board games and gave me the added confidence to up-size my game selling efforts with ads on Craigslist and other helpful sourcing tips.

Bill R.

I’ve been selling board games for a couple of years on Amazon but still found some interesting info in The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games. Probably the most helpful section for my use was on finding missing pieces to high value games. One game in particular that I bought for less than $3 sold for over $250.

Kathleen D.

It is amazing to be able to take a cheap yard sale, auction, or thrift game and to turn it around and flip it for more money. Stephen tells all in this amazing book. Helpful tips on finding needed parts to complete the set, how to fix a blown box, where to find board games, and helpful selling and shipping tips. This book is great!

Michael M.

The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games is a great read. It’s just how I like a guide – full of tips, tricks and tidbits I can put to use right away…not full of fluff. What you’ll find are tips on resources for how to perform various searches; a goldmine of resources (sprinkled throughout and a Resources section at the end); why you should never, EVER sell a board game with missing pieces on Amazon and a Facebook group where you can buy, sell and trade game pieces; a cool tip on how and why to do a “ready-to-ship” box for Amazon FBA; and even a publicly available resource on where to get free game-sized boxes. I’m not giving up his gold in this review. You’ll have to BUY THE BOOK to have this treasure trove in your library! So if you have not purchased it yet, what are you waiting for? Go buy it now!

Shelley L.

My favourite gem in this book is how to find the spare pieces to replace any missing pieces in the incomplete board games you have. When I first started selling board games, I thought if any pieces were missing then that was just hard luck. Also, another gem was learning how to parting out games. It opened a whole new world to me, so thank you!

Carl U.

Q – I have an older version of this book. Do I have to buy the course again? 

A – Not at all. When you buy this course, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the lifetime ownership program. This means that any time we update this book, you’ll get the latest version (and all the added bonuses) for FREE!

Q – I don’t have enough money right now buy this course, will you have any sales coming up?

A – I understand that sometimes money can be tight, but I also know that sometimes we have to sacrifice some things in life in order to find a way to afford what we need. There are no sales scheduled for this course, but every time we update the course (we’re on the 4th update right now), then we raise the price. Now really is the best time to get this course.

Q – I’m a brand new seller on Amazon. Will the content in this course be over my head?

A – Not at all. In The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games, I explain exactly what to do, step-by-step, in simple and easy to understand instructions for each step along the way. You’ll also learn some advanced tips to help you move beyond a beginner in your Amazon FBA business.

Q – I’m not in the US, is The Reseller’s Guide to a Board Games going to work for me in _________? (Canada, the UK, etc.)

A – While most of the examples in this course deal with selling on Amazon and eBay in the US, there is still a ton of applicable tips, tricks, tutorials, and step-by-step instructions that all Amazon sellers need to understand no matter where you are working from. 

More testimonials from owners of
The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games:

The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games opened my eyes to a whole new product niche for my selling both on Amazon and Ebay. Before reading the book I didn’t really notice board games at all as I worked my way through thrift stores, yard and estate sales, and clearance sales in retail stores. After reading the book I definitely had a new understanding to build on as I started finally paying attention to games as I cruised the different sales venues. All of a sudden, games seemed to be everywhere. I started looking at used games and spending the time to count all the parts to make sure they were complete, and I found a lot of games new still in their shrink wrap. In just the past couple months I’ve sold quite a few games, used and new, on Amazon, all of which I purchased for no more than 2 or 3 dollars, and some for as low as quarter. One quarter game even sold for $90. I haven’t dabbled yet in selling game parts, but The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games helped me understand the profit potential there too. I’ve still got a lot to learn, but this guide definitely created a foundation for me to build on and showed me the possibilities for another profitable niche on Amazon and Ebay.

Rick J.

I bought the board games guide about a year ago and I think I made my money back with my first purchase. Some of the guide is common sense, but a lot of it was stuff I never thought of so it was well worth the price. The guide game me confidence in my purchases and helped me hone my board game sourcing skills so I was still able to profit yet keep from getting in over my head.

Brenda C.

Unbelievable fluff! Worth every cent and I’m an experienced seller who definitely benefited and learned a few new tricks. For example, I did not know about the websites for finding replacement pieces for used games. Best advise or tip was that if you found a game you never heard of you may have struck gold! Scan everything and don’t prejudge or ignore used toys and games. Thanks Stephen!

Janet G.

Someone recently gave me over 30 board games. Only one of them was not opened yet so I had 29 to pack and count correctly. One board game I found sells for $299 new, and I originally priced it “used like new” for $25, but thanks to your educational information I now have it priced for $159.00. Now that’s a profit! I now have a lifetime education that will bring me a lifetime income stream plus a raise of $134 within 1 hour. Thanks so much for your complete and easy to understand information.

Nancy G.

Being a new seller, everything seems a bit overwhelming. I saw some games at a garage sale but were missing pieces, so I passed. Wish I had this book then. I wouldn’t of walked away from $30 profit. Thanks for all the info.

Linda C.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and games to be on the lookout for. Just by bringing those to my awareness, I came across several games. I shared some of your knowledge with my mom and she brought me a 1968 chess game from an auction worth $40. She paid less than $2. Where to go to find missing pieces has also been very valuable. Games are everywhere.

Misty A.

Since purchasing the Board Games book in 5 months ago, I have sold 57 games on Amazon. I currently have 91 games in Amazon warehouses. It is a rare day when I do not buy an older out of print game still in the shrink wrap. This book is helping us go full time with selling online. My coolest stories are these: 1. I sold two 1970’s vintage games still in the shrink wrap for $100 each (I paid about $20 each for them). 2. I’ve also managed to purchase multiples of the same brand new out of print game for about $25 each and they sold on Amazon for $95. Board games have become my 2nd biggest source of sales on Amazon. The possibilities seem to be endless. Stephen Smotherman, your book is one of the prime reasons I’ve been able to have the confidence to resign from my job and do this full time. One day I’ll interview you on the podcast I’ll be starting this summer. You are definitely one of my heroes.

Alan H.

More Testimonials From Owners of
The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games:

I don’t know what took me so long to finally buy your book. I blame inhalation of price sticker residue. But in all seriousness, your book is great and full of REAL information. I’m sorry to say that some of the books I have purchased regarding selling on Amazon are more fluff than stuff, if you dig what I’m saying. But your book gets right to business and everything is clear and to the point. Good stuff. I’m happy to add that since buying your book I was able to grab a copy of Advanced Civilization. I would have NEVER picked this up if I had not seen it in your BOLO list. Honestly, it just looks like your average “blah” board game from back in the day. Little did I know it is worth more than my first car!

 Joey B

My biggest takeaway from your book is learning that there is a market for used games on Amazon. Not only that, if you need missing pieces, you have a very good chance of finding what you’re looking. Given the fact that you can find used games just about anywhere, that piece of information alone is worth more than the price of the book. My wife and I were out of town watching our daughter perform in a dance competition. During a break, we took a walk and wandered into a thrift store. My wife remembered me talking about reading your book on selling board games on Amazon, when she found a brand new Yahtzee Folio game. I bought it for $4.00 and recently sold it for $75.00 through Amazon FBA! Thanks a lot Stephen!

Karl G.

I’ve only had this book for 2-3 days and I’ve already found a few very good scores. I went out yesterday to a couple of thrift stores and bought a few good games. Found “Mythbusters The Game” for $2 in brand new condition with the original factory sealed wrap. I see the lowest FBA seller is $49.95, so it looks good for this one. I also found a nice oldie. A 1964 version of “Stocks And Bonds” by 3M Shelf Games. The box is well worn, but the pieces are immaculate. Has a full original score pad and all the stock and bond certs are in mint condition, as is the board. You can tell that whoever owned it just kept it around for 51 years even though they likely played it just one or two times. I’m so glad I found your book because this is exactly the type of business I’ve been looking to get in to. Now I’m packing them up and sending them off to FBA.

Terry E.

Note: The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games (4th edition) is a course with videos and an ebook, not a physical book. After your purchase is complete, you will be able to immediately view the video course and download the book (and all the bonuses) in PDF format.

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