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One of the most important numbers to understand when it comes to making smart sourcing decisions is sales rank. The closer the sales rank number is to #1, the faster an item generally sells.

But here’s the problem: Each of the main product categories on Amazon have their own “personality” when it come to sales and sales rank. A book with a sales rank of 500,000 might sell a few times a week, but a toy with the exact same sales rank of 500,000 probably sells only 4 times a year.

Since defining a sales rank as “good” or “bad” can be very different depending on the product category, I’ve come up with an Amazon sales rank chart that makes this task a bit easier. The sales rank chart is now available to you for FREE.

I offer you a sales rank chart for all of the following Amazon platforms:

The sales rank chart is divided into all of the main product categories on Amazon (and a few main sub-categories). Then each category is calculated into columns that show the top 1%, top 3%, top 5%, and the top 10%.

Some people like to only source in the top 5%, while others like to focus on only the top 3%. Still other sellers will broaden their sourcing parameters to the top 10% if the ROI (return on investment) is high enough. I like to source the top 5% in some categories, the top 3% in other categories, and the top 1% in still another category. I almost never source an item within the top 6-10% range. But everyone has a different business model when it comes to sourcing.

If you click the yellow button above or below, you can have a FREE PDF emailed to you that contains every main Amazon category broken up into the top 1%, 3%, 5%, and top 10%.

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