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The Full-Time FBA
OA Success Leads List

Good news! Our daily online arbitrage product leads list provides you with 15 high-quality products that you can sell on Amazon for a profit of at least $8 and an ROI of 45%+.

Amazon sellers need one thing to keep their business growing… Profitable products to resell!

You could spend hours and hours every day searching online retailers for deals that can be flipped on Amazon, OR, you could let our virtual assistant do all of the searching for you, while you are sleeping.

When you wake up each workday, you open your email to a list of profitable leads that are ready for you to purchase and sell on Amazon for a nice profit. 

The Full-Time FBA OA Success Leads List is your new favorite resource to help you grow your Amazon business. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You've thought about hiring your own virtual assistant to find product leads for you, but you aren't sure how to train them or the ones who say they already know what they are doing provide bad product leads so you give up.

  • You've joined other leads lists, but they are shared with 50+ people, the items are quickly saturated, and everyone joins the "race to the bottom" leaving you with little to no profit left on the items you purchased to resell.

  • You are currently spending hours a day browsing online websites for products to resell, but you aren't even finding one product per hour and feel like you have no time left for anything else by the time you find enough products for the day.

You're not alone. You're experiencing this frustration because:

  • It's harder than ever to find profitable products to resell on Amazon using the same old strategies everyone else is using.

  • There are more sellers looking for products and automated tools have made competition fierce!
  • Having your own virtual assistant to do manual product sourcing for you is appealing, but it takes a lot more work (and money) than most people have available to dedicate to it.

 The good news: Full-Time FBA has perfected the process of having a VA source profitable leads for you!

  • Imagine your productivity and profitability after getting high-quality, daily product leads provided for you every weekday!
  • Think about how your Amazon business could grow if you stop spending hours every day mindlessly browsing online retailers looking for profitable products to resell... and instead wake up every morning to 15 profitable products you can resell on Amazon. All you need to do is pick and choose the best leads for your business model. 

 With our leads you get:

  • 15 product leads per day that meet our strict sourcing criteria
  • Products with ranks of 200,000 or less (often times much lower)
  • Products with a minimum of $8 profit
  • ROI of at least 45% (unless the profit is higher than $8, we may go a bit lower)
  • Leads that show at least a week of current price history (not one day price increases)

Our leads are NEVER:

  • Flagged by IP Alert as brands who file IP complaints against sellers
  • Restricted from being sold by most Amazon sellers (checked with our Amazon account)
  • Shared with a large group of sellers
  • From online retailers who cannot be trusted or who cancel bulk orders
  • Tagged by Amazon as "generic" so as so make the product unlistable and unsellable

Join our OA Success Leads List Today

How Our Daily Leads List Works

I'd love to give you an inside look at how it all works and what sets us apart from the rest.

Our Virtual Assistant

  • One thing that sets our list apart from any other available online is our team! Our virtual assistant has been in the Amazon industry since 2010 and has been finding OA quality leads for over 7 years!
  • He is familiar with how selling on Amazon works and the types of products that work best for online arbitrage sellers.

  • You get access to our virtual assistant so you can get clarification on product leads if needed. Something not matching up right? Ask. Coupon code not working? Ask.

  • Give feedback to us on the product leads or stores used. Our members help curate the list to make it better and better. If a store becomes hostile to resellers, we stop using them! If a brand does the same, we cut them too. 

The OA Success
Product Leads Spreadsheet

  • Once you join our product leads membership, you will receive a link to join our private shared Google spreadsheet. This is where all product leads are added every day. You can access the spreadsheet at anytime.

  • There are 15 new products added to the spreadsheet every morning, Monday - Friday.

  • You'll have all of the information you need to make a good purchasing decision included right on the spreadsheet.

  • We leave some of the older product leads on the spreadsheet so you can check them and see if there are older leads that you can still take advantage of today.

How to Know If You'll Be a Good Fit

  • You don't "race to the bottom" when pricing your products
  • You have experience with online sourcing and know how to evaluate products to make sure they are a good fit for your business

  • You will not share our product leads with anyone outside of the membership 

The Process

Here's how it works when you become a member of our OA Success Leads List:

  • You request access to our private Google spreadsheet (you need to have a gmail account for this to work) and we approve your request within 24 hours

  • If you want to be able to interact with our virtual assistant, you can request access to our Twist group (this is not a social group, it's just for getting product lead support)

  • Products that meet our strict criteria are added to the spreadsheet early every morning and you can logon to the spreadsheet as often as you'd like to find products that meet your needs

  • You go through the products and purchase the ones you like from the online retailers and then list them on Amazon to resell

Join now and start getting profitable product leads tomorrow (or Monday if it's the weekend)!


You got questions, we have answers!

  • I'm new and restricted in EVERYTHING - Will I be disappointed with the leads?
    • Most of our members have been selling on Amazon for at least 6 months and are now able to get unrestricted much more easily. Remember, just because Amazon shows you that you're restricted, doesn't mean they won't approve you if you simply apply. If you are just getting started we recommend sourcing products yourself for now and then coming back to us in a few months so that you can sell more of the items.

  • Can I just buy a bunch of each product on the list?
    • Here’s the thing. We do the pre-qualification for the items on the list. It is still important that you verify each item's profitability BEFORE making a purchase! Many of our members choose to purchase 3-5 items from the list each day.

  • Aren't the leads going to be oversaturated and tank in price?
    • Ah, the elephant in the room – I’m so happy you asked! The reason we keep our list so small is to prevent this as best as possible. Since we only have 20 people in the group and provide over 300 items per month we know that not every member will be buying every single item. This makes it much less likely that any one item will experience a huge increase in sellers or drastic price drops.

  • I've bought other lists before and wasn't happy with the leads -- how is this different?
    • So have we – ugh! We designed this service with very high standards. First, we only allow 20 members per month to see the leads. Second, we maintain the highest product requirements you will see in this industry. Each item makes at least $8 and has an ROI of at least 45% (sometimes a bit less if the profit is really high). Lastly, you are getting double the amount of leads you normally would get from a service like this!

  • I'm just a part-time seller. Is this really worth it for me? 
    • This one is hard. Since the price is $250 a month, you need to be selling a lot of items in order to pay for the membership, plus we want you to be profitable above all! So, part time hours are OK, you just need to make sure you are ordering enough items per week to make it worth it. Many of our members buy on one day per week and use a prep service to cut down on hours.

  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?
    • Since you get instant access to our spreadsheet that has months' worth of leads on it, we are unable to offer refunds for this membership. If you decide it's not for you, you can easily cancel and will not be billed again.

  • The OA Success Leads List is full! How often do spots open up? 
    • It's pretty rare when spots open up, but this does happen every few months. When the leads list if full we do change the blue "Join OA Success Leads List" button to a "Join the Waitlist" button so you can join the waitlist to be notified when a spot or two opens up.

Still have questions?

We know signing up for this leads list is a big commitment, and we want to make sure you feel comfortable with it! You can contact us here and we’ll reply within two business days

 Who Are We?

Stephen & Rebecca Smotherman

We are Stephen & Rebecca Smotherman of Full-Time FBA. We've been helping Amazon sellers start and grow their online businesses since 2013.

We currently make a full-time income (working only part-time hours) selling via Fulfillment by Amazon. With our FBA income, we’re able to support ourselves, travel often, be debt free, and only work when we want.

We have worked with VAs in our FBA business for several years and have trained multiple VAs in the art of profitable product sourcing.

One thing our students struggle with is finding enough product leads to keep their business growing. Many don't want to find and train their own virtual assistant, so we decided to offer access to ours! 

You can find a consistent source of products to sell on Amazon. We can help. 

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