Seller Central Tip #4 – How to Check for Reimbursable Lost Items

Recently we’ve been running a blog series called Seller Central Tips, including posts on the following topics:

Today we’ll look at Tip #4: How to Check for Reimbursable Lost Items

FBA Amazon How to Get Reimbursed for Lost ItemsAs we discussed in Tip #2, Amazon warehouses handle millions of items a day, and it’s understandable that a small percentage of items would become damaged in the shipping and handling process. Such damage is inevitable, and Amazon is usually very reasonable about reimbursing FBA sellers for this damage — IF you look for the flags in your inventory and request the reimbursement.
The same goes for items that are lost at FBA warehouses. We’ve made it part of our regular routine to check our Seller Central Shipping Queue for shipments with item number discrepancies, and we think you should too! To do this routine check, follow the steps below:
1) Log in to your Seller Central account. Under the “Inventory” tab, click on “Manage FBA Shipments” to pull up your Shipping Queue.
2) Filter your list of shipments by clicking the radio button “At the fulfillment center.” This will pull up your list of shipments that have a status of Receiving, Delivered, or Checked-In.
3) Look for shipments that are marked as “Receiving” but have a delivery date more than three days earlier than the current date. Any shipment still marked as “Receiving” but with an older date might contain a lost item. The FBA warehouse does not mark a shipment as “Closed” until every item in the shipment has been scanned and accounted for. If the time frame hasn’t TimeFrameHasntPassedpassed, the shipment will contain a message stating you can’t reconcile discrepancies yet.

4) For any shipments older than three days past delivery with a “Receiving” status, click the shipment name to bring up the shipment info, then click “Reconcile” to see what problems might have occurred during the process of AtTheFulfillmentCenterscanning in your items at the warehouse. You will see either a positive number or a negative number in the “Discrepancy” column, depending on whether the warehouse workers found extra items or whether they couldn’t find an item. Either way, at this point you’ll need to click the drop down menu under the “Action Required” column.

5) If there is a positive discrepancy, you need to choose whether you accidentally shipped an extra item or whether this is an unexpected discrepancy and request the warehouse to research it. For a negative discrepancy, under the “Action Required” column you can choose “Units MissingPleaseResearchnot shipped” (if you forgot to include the item in your shipment) or “Missing – Please Research.” When we’ve asked Amazon to research missing items from shipments in the past, we’ve received one of two responses: either they research the case, find the item in the warehouse, and return it to our inventory — or they research the case, can’t find the item, and reimburse us for the loss. For either of these possibilities, you want to stay current in checking your shipping queue for these discrepancies. The sooner the warehouse resolves the discrepancy, the sooner you can be reimbursed or have the item back in your inventory and available for purchase.
You would be surprised what types of items can be lost in an Amazon warehouse and need to be researched. Most typically we have lost smaller items likes books or tiny toy packets, but recently we lost three oversize toys from the same shipment. I requested the warehouse research these lost items, and within one day Amazon notified us that we would be receiving a reimbursement.
Have you had any experience reconciling discrepancies in your FBA shipments? We hope this Seller Central Tip allows you to find missing items from your shipments or receive reimbursements where they are due.


25 responses to “Seller Central Tip #4 – How to Check for Reimbursable Lost Items

  1. Antoine Johnson

    Great tip! I had 5 or so items that were lost that I didn’t know about.

  2. Appreciate the tips.

  3. If they find positive discrepancy, is it better to research or say, yes, it’s possible you found them?

  4. Useful tips, i haven’t exp about reconciling case.

  5. Thank you !

  6. Why ask them to research a positive discrepancy? What would motivate the seller to have them correct an error that is seemingly in your favor?

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  8. Thank you Stephen. Found a missing item thanks to you. 🙂
    Have a great evening.

  9. hi Stephen,
    Does this tip only applies to new shipment creation. What about items lost or missed in Amazon Fulfillment Center after they were received ? How can I get the reimbursement?
    BTW: you blog is very valuable. thanks!

  10. Once I hit the “Missing Please Research” button, do I need to save or should there be a submit button or just clicking the Missing Please Research button is all I need to do? It didn’t seem to do anything after I did that so I wasn’t sure how to know if I was successful at submitting it.

    BTW – Thank you so much for this e-book. I’m a fairly new seller (couple months) and now I have a system for checking for all of the inventory issues that can occur on a regular basis. Super helpful. Will pass along to my other FBA newbie buds!

  11. I figured out what I was doing wrong so no need to answer this. I am enjoying reading through your blog.

  12. Anyone know of a service to do this for sellers? Like an audit service to recoup erroneous fees?

  13. For anyone who is concerned about older “CLOSED” shipments, Amazon will process claims within 9 months of shipment delivery date. Do it! I have now received more than $500 in reimbursements from Amazon with very little effort on my part. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    From Amazon’s Help pages: “Claims for missing items must be submitted within nine (9) months of the shipment delivery date. All other claims for lost or damaged inventory must be submitted within 18 months of the date of loss or damage.”

  14. Michael Schmidt

    It now appears that Amazon is requested “Proof of purchase” for any items that are missing. I have receipts but most of my purchases are from Thrift stores. I am going to scan one in today and let you guys know the response I get.

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