8 Tips for Making the Most of Amazon Prime Day 2017

Prime Day for 2017 will be July 11… and here is how to make the most of it.

In 2015, Amazon decided to celebrate its 20th birthday with a huge day of sales called Prime Day. Amazon promised its Prime customers would see even more deals on Prime Day than on Black Friday. The sale ended up living up to the hype as Amazon reported selling 398 items per second (source) that day. In 2016, Amazon brought back Prime Day in July, and again, it was a huge success eclipsing the sales numbers from the previous year.

This year, on July 11th, Prime Day will be back. Amazon is promising even more sales than the year before. In fact, they are going to start with early exclusive Prime deals starting well before Prime Day and every day leading up to the big day. With these pre-Prime Day deals, I think Amazon is basically “priming” their customers to buy even more on Prime Day (see what I did there?).

Prime Day is a day that Amazon has strategically created for multiple reasons. One reason is to get more people to sign up for a Prime membership. I love being a Prime member and all of the benefits it provides. If you’re not a Prime member yet, you really need to consider joining. As a Prime member, I’m able to do a better job selling items to Prime customers because I understand their mindset. (Plus, my wife wants to add, “Where else can I stream Downton Abbey?!”)

Another reason Amazon has created Prime Day is to bring in millions of new and return customers to Amazon. They know that if they provide the big deals, the customers will come. This huge increase in customers coming to shop on Amazon creates an incredible way for you to get a big bump in sales. The customers will come for the big Amazon deals and will stay to shop for other items they want to buy…. hopefully buying your inventory!

For the rest of this blog post, you can either scroll down and keep reading for the top 8 tips to make the most of Amazon Prime Day, or you can watch the video below for a more in depth look into my top 8 tips.

Prime Day is going to be filled with some amazing deals. If you’re prepared, you can maximize your Prime Day profits. Here are some timely tips on how to make the most of Amazon Prime Day 2017:

1. You might be tempted to buy some of the Prime Day deals to flip right back on Amazon. Don’t forget that it’s against Amazon’s rules to buy items using Prime shipping that you intend to resell on Amazon. This is a rule that many new Amazon sellers don’t know, but could get you in a lot of trouble if broken.

EBay_logo.svg2. Even though you can’t use Prime to buy inventory for Amazon, you can still use it to buy inventory to sell on other platforms like eBay, craigslist, or anywhere else you can make a profit.

3. Search the Prime deals for items you can use in your business, like shipping supplies, office supplies, a new processing laptop, or anything else you can deduct as a business expense.

4. Last year, other stores responded to Amazon’s plan for Prime Day with special sales of their own. Be sure you look at other online stores to see if they have special deals going on that day. I know Walmart had a big sale last year in response to Prime Day. I’m sure they (and other stores) will be doing so this year, too.

LC_OFF_Body_NLP5. In preparation, right now is a good time to reprice some of your inventory. With more people shopping on Amazon on Prime Day (as well as the days leading up to it), there is a greater chance for you to get increased sales. Be sure you competitively reprice your items to maximize your profits. Here is a post on how to manually reprice your inventory and another post with some smart repricing strategies to bring in quick sales.

6. Not only should you reprice your inventory to get more sales, you might want to reprice the inventory you have that will be charged a Long Term Storage Fee (LTSF). Remember, in one month Amazon will be charging you a LTSF. If you need some help with this, here is how to find out what items (and exactly how much) you’ll be charged come August 15th, and seven tips on how to avoid the Long Term Storage Fees.

7. Set a reminder on your calendar for July of 2018 and be sure you are ready for Prime Day next year. 2017 will be the third consecutive year Amazon has planned a Prime Day, so it’s a good bet it’ll be back in 2018. You want to be sure and be prepared each year to take advantage of this opportunity.

8. Have realistic expectations for Prime Day sales. An increase of sales is expected, but overall it will most likely be a nice bump in sales. While some people might have a day filled with tons of amazing sales, that probably won’t be the norm. Don’t get caught up with checking your sales every 10 minutes to see if you have any new sales. And don’t fall into the trap of comparing your sales with others who are posting online. Remember, comparison is the thief of joy. Just enjoy the nice bump in sales and then get back on track with your overall goals for your Amazon business.

If you have any more suggestions about how to make the most of Amazon Prime Day, then leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

13 responses to “8 Tips for Making the Most of Amazon Prime Day 2017

  1. Grateful for you giving the heads up on Prime Day including the nudge to reprice.

  2. Great article, Stephen! I love that you come at it from both the seller and buyer perspective. I’ll be looking for printer ink on the 12th, tape and mailers 🙂

  3. Usually good content on this blog but this seems like an ad for Amazon Prime day, LOL! Most sellers know and any savvy buyer, that Prime Day was a farce. People bought of course, not because of great deals, but because Amazon got people hyped up and people went, looked, and bought anyway. It’s been widely reported it was not what it purported to be, from a buyer and a reseller perspective. I know most people won’t do this, particulary buyers for personal use, but learning how to use Camel or Keepa will open up eyes to real deals, never advertised on Amazon on Prime Day or on Lightning Deals.

  4. Barbara "Deal Diva" Drazga

    I would ALSO add:
    1. optimize your listings with better keywords, bullets, headlines and descriptions, as well as photos.

    2. Consider running sponsored ads

  5. @Barbara,
    Not sure how that relates to Prime Day offers from Amazon. Please expand.

    • It doesn’t relate to Amazon’s Prime Day deals, but it does relate to the fact that there will be much more traffic coming to Amazon that day and that traffic might find your items and buy them… so to help customers find your items faster, you can improve your listings (so it shows up in search results better) or you can drive traffic to your listings with ads.

  6. Hi Stephen,
    I appreciate your insights & perspective. Prime Day (whether deemed successful or not) is always important to every Amazon seller, so your post is helpful to anyone who seeks to stay current and offers actionable suggestions. You covered that nicely.
    Thank you for the info!

  7. Number 2 is an incorrect statement. You can not buy items using prime to resell anywhere. “Prime members are not permitted to purchase products for the purpose of resale, rental, or to ship to their customers or potential customers using Prime benefits.”

    • I respectfully disagree. My interpretation of this rule is that it refers to buying items using prime benefits in order to resell on Amazon. That’s how I see it, but I know others could see it differently.

      If I were to remove some of the words in the rule that did not apply to reselling, then I would read the rule as:

      “Prime members are not permitted to purchase products for the purpose of resale… using Prime benefits.”

      My best advice is to go with what makes you more comfortable. I don’t buy a ton of items on Amazon Prime day to resell, and really Amazon has no way of policing this rule if they mean we can’t resell on any platform. I think Amazon sellers are fine buying items on Amazon to sell on eBay, but you should go with with you’re most comfortable with.

  8. I also received an email about a specific category that i sell in… they plan on pushing products that are marked as a SALE and marked down at least 20%. So maybe just repricing is not enough.. but have a sale for a few days.

  9. Couldn’t you also purchase on Amazon as a non-prime member (i.e. separate account) and resell on Amazon? I thought I read somewhere that that type of transaction would be okay. Although, I suppose with paying for the shipping it might not be such a deal.

  10. Karen, the rule is that you can’t purchase an item using Prime, and resell it on Amazon. If you purchase mf items, you can mf them yourself, or send them in to FBA (which I do frequently with books.)

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