27 responses to “Why I’ll Never Teach You The Fastest Way To Grow Your Amazon FBA Business

  1. I totally agree with you & a very good reason why I value your advise.

  2. That was great and I learned a few things!

  3. Great post, big thanks!

  4. Stephen, thank you so much for being an ethical seller and teacher. The bad thing is someone who is new does not realize that someone is leading them down a path to destruction.

  5. Charlene Anderson

    Well said, Stephen! I agree with you on every point.

  6. Every time I listen to you or read something you’ve written, it confirms why you resonated with me the first time I discovered you. Great post. Thanks for sharing! I wish every seller had your ethics.

  7. Great post, Stephen. I’ve been selling on Amazon for nearly two years and I am right in your camp when it comes to doing it right. I’ll add a couple more to your list:

    – Don’t include inserts in your product designed to direct buyers to your website if you have one. I have done this based on an “expert’s” advice and sweated being found out. I no longer do this and feel much better overall! (Although on my private label products, my web URL is printed directly on the product and that’s okay.)

    – Don’t mark reviews on competitor’s products as not helpful. I’ve never done this but suspect it has been done to me.

    Being honest and following the rules is always the best strategy!

  8. I’m ungated in several areas with the exception of groceries. Seems they are not accepting receipts only wholesale invoices or purchase orders.
    I have also seen where many are running into the same issue in other areas.
    Suggestions are to use a 3rd party resource to get you ungated. Pay them a fee and that party will get you ungated in whatever category you desire. I can’t bring myself to do that in the grocery category. Is there anything unethical about this practice? I don’t want my account shut down over a box of cheerios. Any input on this? Thank you and just really enjoy all your information, so helpful!

    • The act of hiring a service to help you get ungated is not unethical, but sometimes an ungating service can use unethical practices. It’s important to do some research in picking the right ungating service. We have used this service an love it, though I don’t think they offer help in grocery.

  9. Thank you.

  10. A lot of times Amazon will commingle your stuffs even though you label. No rhyme or reason to it. But it happens…

  11. Also, Amazon personally helped me get ungated in the Luggage category. They helped me on how to properly submit the example product pictures, the flat files, and told me what errors I had to correct etc.

    An Unofficial Ungating Service provided by Amazon themselves!

    Rarely happens, but it does.

  12. Another point to add to this excellent post: Contacting other posters about changing prices is not only collusion, it is ILLEGAL! Check on the Sherman Anti-Trust Act for more details.
    Thank you Stephen for your advice! It always bears repeating!

  13. Thanks for the post! I didn’t think of your good points with regards to commingle. I think I’ll change my settings 🙂 Do you know if it’s ok to use a picture off the internet when making a new listing? Thanks

  14. Thanks for the advice. This is the only way to run any business if you want to stay in business.

  15. Incredible post Stephen. Thank you.

  16. The issue of the proper “grading” of the condition of books is not about “grading up or down”. The key element is to be accurate about the condition of the book with proper notes added for clarification. An example, would be a new book that does not mention the fact that it has a remainder mark. Technically it might be “new”, but to not mention this is a significant omission.

    • Thanks for your comment, Keith. The problem with trying to be accurate about the condition of a book is that some people will have different opinions on what is like new, very good, good, or acceptable. That’s why I always grade down. However, there is no difference of opinion on what is considered a new book. A book, according to the Amazon condition guidelines, can only be sold in the new condition if it’s “a brand-new, unused, unread copy in perfect condition.” Unfortunately, a book with a remainder mark is no longer in perfect condition. Also, if a book is graded as “new,” there cannot be ANY type of qualifying description in the condition notes; it’s either new or not new, no need for description. Here are Amazon’s complete rules about grading the condition of an item (including the section on books). Yes, you always want the condition notes for used books to reflect everything specific about that particular book (be it highlights, underlines, notes, remainder marks, library stamps, etc), but just be sure to never sell a used item as new. Amazon is really trying to crack down on this.

  17. I asked for an item back and I got someone elses. I am sure it was comingled, which I didn’the sign up for. It still had Walmarts’ price stickers on it!

    • Yes, sometimes Amazon “loses” your item, and then “finds” your item… except that all they probably did was take someone else’s item and gave it to you. It stinks, but there is no way around it. At least it’s a rare occurrence.

  18. Please don’t pay anyone to help you get ungated in clothing, shoes, watches right now. They are instant approval, you don’t need to waste your money getting someone to help you when no help is necessary.

  19. As a newbie, I’m wondering if I may have already at any time broken some kind of rule unknowingly through ignorance.

    • Don’t let the last worry you. There is nothing you can do now if you have broken any of my suggestions…. but just focus on doing the right thing moving forward.

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