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  1. Thanks for this article! I am having a problem now with my shipments being confused, due to my own error. It appears I labeled some boxes wrong and sent them to the wrong FC. So, I am getting PN’s. I am terrified I have marked myself for suspension!!

    • You might have one ding on your account, but it’s probably a minor one. The biggest digs are the ones that have a negative impact on the customer. Defiantly try to make sure that problem doesn’t happen again, but I don’t think it’s worth worrying about.

  2. Great article. So far been with Amazon for 8 months and I have 100% on everything. But I am fully aware that could change. I read everything I can get my hands on including your great blog.
    Thank you

  3. I think I’ve read most of the posts in this series, but I don’t remember seeing anything about sales taxes.

    I had a lot of success with my FBA business, and I enjoyed it very much. The year that I sold FBA, I had $75K in sales, and netted $25K in profit. I was very happy and enjoyed the business.

    BUT – as soon as I began looking into the requirements to collect sales tax in states other than Texas (my home state) the fees and costs associated with registering in these other states, filing tax forms in these other states, etc. were several thousand dollars a year.

    I then shut down the FBA portion of my business, because I am not interested in filing income taxes, etc. in states like New York, Massachusetts, and California.

    I am a Prime member, and I do a lot of shopping at AMZ. I notice that very few FBA sellers seem to be collecting sales taxes. Are people just ignoring these requirements until they get in trouble?

    My AMZ FBA fear was getting a letter from the state of New York, California, etc. saying that I owed them all this money for sales taxes, fees, and penalties.

    • I’m not sure what other sellers are doing, but just focus on making sure you are doing the right thing for your business. I get all my information about taxes from taxjar.com. In fact, I’m looking to have them possibly do a guest post in 2016 titled Overcoming Your Fear of Sales Tax.

  4. Awesome post…like always! I have received a few emails from companies/people who were trying to recruit me or sell a service. Sometimes they were written in some other language that I couldn’t understand. I did click on no-response needed and suspicious email and sent it to Amazon. Is that the right thing to do? Or should I have responded to them as well?

    • I have received those emails too. It’s ok that you’ve clocked on the “no response needed” option there, but from now on, I’d send them a reply.
      I always reply to those emails with “No thank you” and then I report them to Amazon, as it’s a violation of their customer email communication guidelines. The only customer emails I click as “no response needed” are the ones that will automatically reply with a “out of office” message.

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  6. Hi,
    My account got suspended i don’t know too much about how to get re active it, It should be a great thing if anyone Please help me to active my account.

  7. When you said to read the “Amazon Selling Policies and Guidelines” but then linked to the page you linked to, do you mean that we should read the “related topics”? Because there’s essentially nothing on the page you linked to.

    And if Amazon thinks the “related topics” are pretty much the policies and guidelines… that’s a really worthless thing to call all the links below. Those ARE the important parts, not just “related topics”. Or am I missing something?

    • That page is the hub that connects to all the other pages of guidelines and rules… so yes, click on the links on that page to read the guidelines. There are many great links on the left side of the page taking you to tons of info: http://amzn.to/1Pjux3e

  8. Brilliant article,it’s very important that Amazon Sellers try to prevent any suspension before it happens. I don’t think Amazon Sellers worry about a suspension until it’s too late. This often causes the seller a huge financial loss through lost sales.

  9. I tried a couple of suspension appeal services, but Amazon still denied them and made it an indefinite suspension.

    I came across ways to get back on and found that stealth is one of them.

    It seems like a lot of work just to create a new account it seems judging by the article on the Auction Essistance website. But I am wondering, do you think it is good to create a new account or just buy one?

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