JoeLister Review: How to Increase your Customers with Multi-Channel Fulfillment

We’re all looking to increase the amount of customers looking at our online inventory and boost our e-commerce sales, right? The more people who see your inventory, the more people will buy it!

One way to get more customers buying your inventory is to list that inventory on multiple sales channels. You can also use multi-channel fulfillment, where your inventory is listed on multiple channels but fulfilled from one channel. For example, you can list your inventory on both Amazon and eBay, but have the Amazon FBA warehouse fulfill your orders, regardless of whether the sale comes from Amazon’s website or eBay’s.

JoeLister is a third-party program that allows you to list your Amazon FBA inventory on eBay in just a few clicks per item. I’ve been using JoeLister for a few months now, and I’ve enjoyed the boost in sales I’ve received from having extra eyes viewing my inventory.

Since I’ve had a while now to get some experience with JoeLister, I want to share with you the reasons I like the program and a couple of my frustrations as well.

Let’s start off with the positives:

  1. Automated listing on eBay – Who doesn’t love automating your online business?! I love that with just a few clicks per item, I can create listings on eBay from my Amazon FBA inventory. Part of the reason I hadn’t tried multi-channel fulfillment before now is that I don’t love creating each individual eBay listing. But JoeLister makes the process of creating the listing super easy by importing titles, descriptions, and pictures from Amazon into the eBay listing.
  1. Smart pricing feature – JoeLister is able to make calculations based on both the Amazon fees and the eBay fees, and it gives you suggestions for your eBay price accordingly. It’s important that you know your numbers when you are setting your prices, and JoeLister makes it simple for you to make comparisons with your Amazon price and with other recent eBay listings of similar items. You can easily set your eBay price with your payout for that sale in mind. Note: Amazon terms of service require you to price your multi-channel fulfillment inventory at or above your Amazon price when you’re pricing on other platforms. You should not set your eBay price lower than the Amazon price when listing through JoeLister.
  1. Automatic fulfillment of orders – This is where JoeLister becomes even more exciting, in my opinion. When you list an item through JoeLister and an eBay customer purchases it, the fulfillment process for that order is completely automatic. JoeLister communicates between eBay and Amazon to set up the fulfillment order, have the item shipped from the Amazon warehouse to your eBay customer, and provide the tracking information. You just sit back and watch!
  1. Syncs with Amazon and eBay – Another cool feature of JoeLister is that it synchs your inventory amounts between Amazon and eBay. So let’s say you have your Amazon inventory listed on eBay through JoeLister, and you make a sale of one unit of that item through Amazon – JoeLister automatically syncs and adjusts the quantity available on eBay for that listing. It works the same way going the other direction – if you make a sale on eBay, JoeLister syncs to adjust the quantity available in your Amazon FBA inventory. You are never in danger of selling an item on one platform when it’s not truly available because you already sold it on another platform.

Frustrations with JoeLister:

Our business model includes a lot of shoes, and we’ve noticed a slight problem when we are automatically creating listings on eBay from our shoe inventory. When JoeLister imports the title of the product, it often takes the title directly from the parent ASIN of the shoe. That parent ASIN title doesn’t include any info about the size or color variation that I’m actually wanting to sell on eBay. When this happens, I have to then manually add the size and color for my variation to the title as I’m creating the listing. Kind of a pain, but not a big enough problem to be a deal breaker for me and JoeLister.

In general, I recommend double-checking all your titles when you are importing your listings from Amazon into eBay anyway. Amazon and eBay titles are two different beasts, and you want to make sure your eBay listings through JoeLister are optimized for eBay customers who are searching for the types of items you are selling.

Overall, we have enjoyed having JoeLister as an addition to our e-commerce business. We definitely saw the most benefit from using the service during the Q4 months, but we have continued to see enough sales in the early months of this year to justify using JoeLister.

The pricing options for the service range from 100 listings to an unlimited number of listings, and we have tinkered with different amounts during Q4 and afterwards. Everyone has a different strategy for how they want to use the service, so I recommend just trying it out for a while and seeing how it might best benefit your own particular business. You don’t have to import all of your Amazon SKUs to eBay with JoeLister, so you can play around with different combinations and see what types of listings work best for you with multi-channel fulfillment.

If you’re interested in trying out JoeLister, you can get a two-week free trial through this link. You can check out their website for more information on the types of plans they offer and for videos about how to use the program. If you do the two-week free trial of JoeLister, hopefully you will make enough in eBay sales during that two weeks to be able to pay for a subscription moving forward!

Have you tried JoeLister before? Have you tried multi-channel fulfillment of your Amazon inventory? We would love to hear your thoughts and questions on the topic in the comments!

25 responses to “JoeLister Review: How to Increase your Customers with Multi-Channel Fulfillment

  1. Hi Stephen. Would like to know if Joelister works in the UK? Thanks. Erik.

  2. John Vanderbur

    Hi Stephen,

    Do the eBay customer complain or hurt metrics when they receive the orders in Amazon boxes? Thanks

    • Not at all… even before using JoeLister I would reuse boxes from Amazon to send my ebay customers their items. Never had a complaint from hundreds of ebay orders using an Amazon shipping box. Great question!

  3. I have been using Joelister for more than a year now on Ebay, only one time did I have to send an Ebay item out from home, I am sure it was an Amazon problem their was only one left and I think Amazon misplaced it. Lucky I did have one at home to send.
    I have never had even one complaint about the Ebay items arriving in Amazon boxes. Even when I did my own shipping for Ebay I often reused Amazon boxes when I shipped. The shipping label will say this is your ebay purchase and the ebay item #.
    Joelister rocks!

  4. What does the shipping costs look like that Amazon will charge?

    • It depends on the size and weight of the item.

    • Tammy, Joelister gives you a approx breakdown of your Ebay final value fee and the Amazon shipping fee (always very close to exact fees) when you are building the add for Ebay. Lets you make an informed decision to set your price. I also like to use it to help clear out my Amazon LTS inventory this time of year.

  5. Hi Stephen,

    How are refunds dealt with? Do customers return the item to my home address? Do they contact me for a return label through my ebay inbox?


    • eBay customers request a refund and will send the item back to your home address. Yes, they go through the eBay process of processing a refund. You want them to send it back to you so you can inspect the item and make sure it’s in the same condition as you sent it to them… some ebay buyers try to do a switcheroo and switch out a used item for a new item. You want to make sure they don’t take advantage of you. It’s SUPER RARE when an ebay customer will return an item… and even more rare when they try to return an item with intent to switch out the product.

      • Stephen,

        What should we do about products that are damaged via Amazon FBA that eBay users purchase? Any insight on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

        • You can always open a ticket and try to get reimbursed, but since the item is not in your possession, the chances are not good… but it’s worth a try.

  6. Also what if the customer who buys on e-bay wants expedited 1-day delivery? How does Joe Lister deal with that?


  7. Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for the great column. I am giving JoeLister a whirl.
    2 Questions
    1. Any strategy tips–do you list old items (slow sells) or do you go for high-priced?

    2. You said it was easy to check and compare your listing prices with current ebay offerings but I can’t find this feature.

    thanks again

    • 1. I do multiple strategies. I list these items on ebay via JoeLister: a. older items, b. high priced items, c. items that might be charged a long-term storage fee soon, d. items that I have many multiples in stock, and e. items that are super popular.

      2. Just search the main keywords of the item in an eBay search bar.

      Hope this helps!

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  9. Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for this post. We are looking into Multi-Channel and are considering using Joelister too. Have you had any experience with other Multi-channel Fulfillment software?


  10. Thanks for all you share, Stephen! Do you set your eBay handling time to 2 days or more on your items listed with Joelister? Do you have different handling times for your regular inventory, any difficulty juggling these? Are you having any problems with the MCF service?

  11. If I currently sell the same products on both platforms (with different titles), and then sign up for Joelister which will link the Amazon items to Ebay, will I now have to remove the previously created Ebay listing? In other words, how do I prevent having items listed twice on Ebay ?

  12. i sell services instead on ebay due to the fact that i am from the Caribbean and cost of shipping..Was wondering can i use or sign up under your service from the Caribbean?

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