Beginner Lessons For Selling Shoes on Amazon FBA

When it comes to sourcing and selling shoes on Amazon, some of the hardest lessons are learned during the early stages of adding shoes to your Amazon business model.

Many of you know that Rebecca and I are a team when it comes to our Amazon FBA business. While I mainly focus on retail arbitrage and wholesale sourcing, she is the specialist when it comes to online arbitrage… and specifically sourcing and selling shoes.

Since my last interview video with Rebecca was so well received, I decided to sit down with her and record another Q&A  interview video with her. Rebecca has such a wealth of knowledge about sourcing and selling shoes and you’ll learn a lot in this video.

In the video below, you’ll learn:

  • How our very first experiment with sourcing and selling shoes went (spoiler: it didn’t go so well)
  • What we learned from that experiment
  • How we almost decided to give up selling shoes – and why we’re so glad we didn’t quit.
  • The biggest thing we wish we knew when we started selling shoes
  • The mindset shift you need to be successful with selling shoes
  • The biggest difference between sourcing items like books/toys and sourcing shoes
  • How to overcome not being able to see sales rank history of shoes
  • Which is better? Going wide or going deep when sourcing shoes?
  • How to find confidence in sourcing shoes
  • How customer returns of shoes are not as bad as returns from other categories (despite what other people might say).

Enjoy! Leave us a comment below the video if you have a specific shoe question and we’ll see about addressing that in a future video.

If you like the shirts we’re wearing in the video above, you can get them right here on Amazon.

Want to learn more? Rebecca and I recently hosted a FREE webinar all about how to get started with selling shoes on Amazon and added it to our YouTube channel. Just follow the link above to see the webinar in its entirety.

11 responses to “Beginner Lessons For Selling Shoes on Amazon FBA

  1. Rebecca, you’re a smart young lady who talks a lot of sense and you’ve given me much food for thought. I have always thought of shoes as fashion items and thus subject to the vagaries of fast changes in fashion tastes, yet you talk of them being ‘long tail’ items. How do you cope with this when sourcing shoes?
    Or have I got it totally wrong?

    • Rebecca Smotherman Rebecca Smotherman

      No, you don’t have it all wrong. That’s one of the factors each seller has to take into consideration when coming up with your own buying parameters in the shoes category. Some sellers like to chase trends, while others like to stick with timeless, classic styles. Some shoes are about a fashion statement, while others are about comfort, function, etc.

  2. Rebecca and Stephen….
    One of the most confusing thing for me in selling shoes has to do with Children Shoe Sizes. This is a fun area to sell in but understanding the difference between ‘kids’, ‘toddlers’, ‘infant’, ‘little kids’, ‘big kids’, etc. I hope you address Children’s Shoe Sizes in one of your future posts or in the webinar.

    Thanks for the great info.

  3. Tip for size buying …. go look at your local Payless Shoe Source, see how they have the sections divided. The amount of shelf space they give per size is a great indication of the sizes that sell. Example …. you do not see a lot of shelf size dedicated to women’s shoe size 11 but size 8 is massive. Just a way to help you know what sizes might sell more than others.

    Of course, then there is the flip side too …. b/c most local stores might not carry size 11 in women shoes those customers are buying online / Amazon.

    Just a few things to thing about. Best of luck to all.

  4. Thanks guys, great video. Can you tell me the name again of that FB group you mentioned you mentioned please.

  5. Thanks for a very informative video and post. I really appreciated the idea that some capital needs to be long-tail designated. That’s a helpful way of looking at it. I also appreciated the reminder that this is not something that is a loss but the price of education.

  6. Since the cost of storage has gone up , I have been considering looking at what you said here about shoes.
    Thank you so much for the info, looking to get involved.
    Is there a seasonal time that is best to sell shoes other than Q4.
    I like the way you and wife handle the presentations.
    Also I can understand you and the wife clearly which is a problem with some videos I watch

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  8. Hi

    Thanks for the information on shoes. Can I ask where on the box you place the sticker label? Since you are not polybagging the box, is it a concern that the sticker be place on the box? Thanks, Win

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