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  1. Stephen, I have talked to several Amazon Sellers that also sell on eBay. I do not but I need to. I have some items that were deemed hazmat as well as things I returned prior to Long Term Storage Fees. Do you recommend that I just sell them or open a store?

    • Adrienne – You might consider opening a Basic store if you need to close it down from time to time (for vacations for instance) or if you want to run markdown sales. It’s not generally profitable to open a Premium store until you have 250+ items listed on Ebay. The stores cost a monthly fee.

    • Unless you plan on selling a lot of items on eBay, then I don’t really recommend opening up an eBay store.

  2. I agree with everything you have stated. I also started on ebay with Power seller status & I got to 6000+ve feedbacks. At the end of last year I started purchasing branded products and attempted to sell them on Ebay however with limited success. I then transitioned to Amazon and have now expanded to 450 products.

    Your summary as regards keeping an active Ebay account is really good and very accurate.

  3. I am trying to learn how to sell on eBay and want to especially learn how to do the photography properly. I am interested in selling clothing on eBay but am not yet sure how well that sells. As for books and other items I may sell on Amazon, how do the fees compare in reality (especially after factoring in the Amazon professional account subscription, FBA fees, etc., vs. the eBay commission and PayPal fees plus shipping?

  4. Oops! Thanks for this post Stephen, yet I’m reading it a day too late! I just closed my account yesterday:( Oh well….

  5. I use a service called Joelister.com that I have the ability to list any of my Amazon inventory(I choose the items and can edit the listing) on Ebay. When it sells on Ebay, Joelister orders the item from my Amazon account with multi-channel fulfillment and it is sent to my Ebay buyer. I do not have to do anything. It also de-lists an item that goes out of stock on my Amazon account. It has a small fee for the service but it pays for it’s self.

  6. Tina Marie Bueno

    Yet another smart article Stephen. You always offer valuable insights.
    Just in case this may be helpful: You don’t even have to be selling on Amazon to use their MCF (multi-channel fulfillment) services. You do have to be signed up on the professional seller plan though. ($39.99/mo)
    If you are already an FBA Amazon seller, it’s super easy to use:
    In your seller account, on your Manage Inventory page, select the products included in your eBay order, then choose Create Fulfillment Order and fill out the prompts.
    Note that your packing slip will have your company info but as of September, boxes will no longer be generic…they’ll be sent in Amazon boxes.
    I believe, the fees are @$3 higher for MCF which means making sure that is calculated into pricing.
    One last thing regarding MCF, since products are stored in Amazon warehouses, they are subject to their hazmat scrutiny. As Stephen writes, then eBay listings without MCF works well…although USPS/UPS/FEDEX rules would still apply.

  7. Hello
    I am thinking of selling some items on ebay.
    I wonder if MCF from amazon is worth it? Are the fees the same as and are we paying double fees to ebay and amazon?
    Do I send items to amazon as I do with FBA? If so if they deem something hazmat on amazon won’t that prevent us from keeping them in the warehouse?
    amazon seems to just decide one day a product is restricted and they do not give us a chance to sell through our products..can these be left at the fulfillment center then listed on ebay and shipped through MCF?
    There are so many reasons to sell on ebay also…I am wondering if MCF is worth it over just shipping it ourselve..

    • You are paying fees to both eBay and Amazon, but as long as you work that into your profit margins, then everything will work out.
      If you send something to Amazon and they change the status of that item to hazmat, then they will destroy it, as they would not be able to legally transport it with their shipping agreement with UPS.
      If a product becomes restricted, then I think the only option would be to create a removal order.
      I love the idea of multichannel fulfillment because you’ll have the same item on sale on both Amazon and eBay, and if it sells on one platform, then the service makes it’s no longer available to buy on the other platform.

  8. Stephen,
    Thanks again for another very detailed post that covers a very important subject as it relates to having an alternate selling platform other than Amazon in the event of suspension. Like some of the prior comments, we also use JoeLister to cross-list some of our FBA and MF inventory on eBay and it works very smoothly as described above. Using the multi-channel strategy, we also list the same FBA items on our website and Amazon ships them.

  9. Thank You Stephen I so appreciate your answers and your articles…

  10. Great article, and very timely too with regards Amazons recent purge on certain brand names, with more to come I am sure.

    I have sold a little bit on eBay in the past but not enough to warrant using the services of Joelister because of the cost. But I definitely need to up my game with eBay.

    But what about Rakuten? Has anyone used them before and is it easy to get set up, plus now that Walmart have taken over Jet could we sell on Walmart too?

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  13. Maggie Delaro

    I got my Amazon recently banned with no chance of appeal. I still have my eBay account, but Amazon makes a huge part of my income. I was wondering, do you think it is safe to use stealth accounts that sellers such as the Aspkin forums and Auction Essistance offer?

    Tried to create a new account on my own, but I got suspended just shortly after.

    Am at my wits end as losing Amazon will mean losing a chunk of money.

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