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Overcoming Your Fears of Selling Internationally via FBA Global Export

mapHow would you like to have millions more people who are elligible buy your Amazon FBA inventory at absolutely no extra cost to you? It’s a no-brainer! The additional eyes who see your inventory will most likely turn into more sales! With FBA Export you can offer the majority of your inventory for sale in over 65 countries all around the world. While getting set up with FBA export is easy and free, there are still some who are afraid of selling internationally.

Some people worry about selling internationally because of some bad experiences they’ve had in the past. Maybe you had a package get lost that you sent overseas. Maybe you had an international eBay buyer claim that they “never got their item,” the buyer was refunded, and you ended up losing out on the product, the shipping costs, and the profits. Maybe you’re just nervous because selling international is completely new to you, and there are too many unknowns involved.

fear-into-actionI’m here today to help you overcome these fears and help you understand just how amazing selling internationally via FBA is. First, let’s look at all the great things about selling via FBA Global Export:

Benefits to Selling via FBA Export

– Millions of additional potential customers
– Increased sales
– Amazon customer service workers deal with all returns and customer issues
– Increased sales (Yes, I put that in twice because it’s a HUGE benefit)
– Signing up only takes a few minutes (Click here to get started)
– No additional fees for FBA Export

Negatives to Selling via FBA Export

– None! Really, I can’t think of one negative thing about selling internationally.

Like I stated above, many US based sellers have some fears when it comes to selling internationally. I’ll do my best to help calm your fears and let you know that there is nothing to worry about.

1. Will selling internationally increase buyer fraud? – No matter if you sell your items to US residents or to people from around the world, there will be some people who are out to cheat the system. I’ve actually had more US buyers try to cheat their way into free/reduced priced products than I’ve had international buyers try it.

returns.jpg2. Will I get increased returns? – My percentage of returns has stayed the same. In fact, most people who buy internationally don’t want to go through all the hassle of returning an item to the States. In my experience, the return rate for my international sales is actually lower.

3. How are international returns handled? Returns are handled just like every other FBA return. Amazon provides the customer service and approves a return, then we wait for the item to actually be returned. If the product is never returned, then we can request that Amazon reimburse us for the non-returned item. Just like always, if the item is deemed defective or damaged, then Amazon pays the return costs, and if the buyer has a different reason, then the buyer pays the return costs. To see my blog post on how to get reimbursed for items that buyers never return, click here.

excellent4. Will it increase negative feedback? – There may be some cultural and language differences between the international buyer and you that could lead to a frustrated buyer, and that could lead to a negative feedback, but it’s extremely rare. In fact, it’s never happened to me since I’ve signed up for Amazon FBA Global Export years ago. Reminder: If you need help removing feedback that you think is wrong or unfair, click here.

5. Are there any additional fees for using FBA Global Export? The buyer pays all the extra fees involved in the international order and is told this before they buy from Amazon. Signing up for FBA Global Export costs you, the seller, nothing more than if the buyer were in the U.S.

6. Do I need to deal with international sales tax? Amazon takes care of all of the sales tax issues with selling internationally.

7. What if I wanted to exclude some of my inventory from selling internationally? FBA Global Export allows you to set up specific ASINs that you want to be excluded from your global selling.

To me, signing up for FBA Global Export is a no-brainer. Increased sales means increased profits. To sign up for FBA Global export today, simply click here.

Have any fears about FBA Global Export that I didn’t cover? Please comment below, and I’ll reply with my thoughts.

Sell to the World with FBA Global Export

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.07.32 AMHow would you like to have more eyes looking at your products on Amazon? What about increased FBA sales? All of this, and more, is possible thanks to FBA Global Export. When you first sign up to sell on Amazon via FBA, the default mode is for you to sell your inventory only to customers in the United States. Sure, the bulk of the traffic on Amazon.com comes from those in the United States, but there are millions of customers outside of the States who might be interested in buying your product. You want these potential customers to see your products and to have the ease of buying them via FBA.

FBA Export allows FBA sellers in the US to offer a majority of their inventory for sale all around the world. Getting set up with FBA export is easy. Let me walk you through the steps.

1. Sign in to Seller Central here
2. Hover over the Settings in the top right corner of Seller Central and then click on Fulfilled by Amazon.
3. Scroll down and in the Export Settings section, click on Edit.
4. Click to Enable FBA Global Export.
5. Upload a signature file (more on this here).
6. Read and click that you agree with the Amazon Business Solutions Agreement. 
7. Press submit and you are done! 

If you are not currently set up with FBA Global Export, then you’re missing out on more sales and increased profits. Just today, I sold a book to a customer in Great Britain, a toy to Ecuador, and a board game to Australia. These are sales that I would not have had if I were not set up with FBA Global Export.

world-wide-300x275In our next blog post, I’ll talk about all of the benefits of FBA Global Export, but I’ll let you in on my favorite benefit today: Since there are so few FBA sellers set up to sell globally, I actually get the buy box for the international buyers at a higher price than those not offering their products internationally. I have one toy in particular that I have about 30 currently in stock. I have this toy priced about $3 to $4 more than the current lowest FBA offer, but none of the other sellers of this toy are set up with FBA Global Export, so I get all those international sales! The US based sellers are all priced around $9, but I’m getting all the international sales at $13 each. After all is said and done, that’s $120 more that I’ll get for selling the same item.

Note: FBA Export does not list your products on other Amazon marketplaces. Instead, FBA Export allows your products to be shipped directly to international customers who already shop on the US Amazon.com marketplace. You also need to have a Pro Seller account to qualify for Global Export.

Not only will our next blog post talk about all of the benefits of FBA Global Export, but we’ll also discuss all of the possible fears you may have with selling internationally. Feel free to comment below with your thoughts on selling internationally via FBA.


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