The Q$ Snowball – How to Make this the Best Q4 Ever!

The Q4 SnowballThe title of this blog post was going to be “The Q4 Snowball,” but I accidentally kept the shift key down while I pressed the 4 key, and it came up as “Q$”… and I think Q Money is a great synonym for Q4. Just like retail stores look forward to Black Friday and all the sales they will get after that day, Amazon resellers look forward to Q4 and all the sales we will get during that time. 

Q4 is short for Quarter Four, or Fourth Quarter, and it is the most amazing time of year to be an Amazon seller. 

The best method for preparing for Q4 is to have as many items in stock at Amazon as you possibly can. The more you have in stock, the more you can sell. I’ve heard of some Amazon sellers selling out of their most profitable stuff somewhere in the middle of December. You do not want this to happen to you. Since Christmas decorations are already being displayed in retail stores, people are already starting to think about buying their gifts for the upcoming holiday season. And as an Amazon seller, you’ve got to start thinking about the holiday season now without letting another day go by. The earlier you can start figuring out your Q4 strategy, the better equipped you’ll be when it hits. 

Q4 in the business world is understood as the final three months of the year (October, November, and December). Since Q4 begins next month, I want you to know the method I (and many other successful online resellers) use to maximize my profits during the last three months of the year. It’s called the Q4 Snowball. 

The Q4 Snowball 

snowball-750x356Right now, your job is to feed the beast as fast as humanly possible. It’s your number one goal to have as many items at Amazon as soon as possible so you can get the Q4 sales. Once the sales come in, it’s wise to reinvest as much as you can back into more inventory and create what I call a Q4 Snowball. You see, when you have a lot of items at FBA, you’ll see a big increase in sales and, obviously, in your disbursement. As your disbursement increases, you have more capital to source with. The sooner you buy and send in more inventory, the sooner you get even more sales and an even bigger disbursement. The system continues to repeat itself and culminates during the final weeks of December when the Q4 snowball has become gigantic! 

Speed and hustle are key. The faster you can source, and the faster you can send your inventory to Amazon, the faster your Q4 snowball will grow. Think about how a snowball gains momentum rolling down a snowy mountain. If there is not more snow on the mountainside to pick up, then the snowball will die out… but if you keep adding more and more items to your inventory, the Q4 snowball will grow and grow!

On the other hand, if you take your time with sourcing more inventory, and you are slow to get it all in to Amazon warehouses, then your Q4 snowball will not be as big as if you had hustled.

If you have a “normal” 9-to-5 job, then I understand how this might be harder for you, but it’s not an excuse to not do your absolute best. Maybe consider taking a few vacation or sick days in November or December to source, prep, and ship inventory to Amazon. Now, I don’t mean fake a sickness, but if you have paid sick days, and your job is ok with you taking them off, then take advantage of that as the year draws to a close. Again, these “off” days should only be used when you are closer to the end of Q4, when time is ticking away. I’m just telling you right now so you have time to think about how to best use your time.

My #1 Selling Q4 Product

I think I’ve told you before, but 5 of my top 10 selling items during Q4 of last year were board games. During Q1, Q2, and Q3, I’ll make hundreds per week selling board games, but come Q4, those sales often quadruple! Board games that I buy for $5 are selling for $30, and board games that I buy for $20 are selling for $70 to $100! I do this over and over again… and use the Q4 snowball method. The money I make from selling the $100 board game, I’ll use to buy more $20 board games to sell for $100. Can you see how awesome this can be?

My number one selling book, The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games, has just been updated with 2 new chapters, more tips and tricks, and new bonuses! In the book, I share with you everything I know about how to find, prep, and sell board games for really good money. Click on the image to the right to find out more about how easy it is to make hundreds each week selling board games. 

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What other tips and tricks do you employ in your business in order to make the most profits during Q4? Do you already have a plan in place? What does it look like? Comment below and let me know. 

7 responses to “The Q$ Snowball – How to Make this the Best Q4 Ever!

  1. I thought price management was key to Q4 for me. I haven’t been in to board games, more of a focus on apparel. Just curious, why are your games selling at such high prices? Is it shortage, rarity or just people not caring about price to get it?

    Thanks for a great article.

    • The board games I’m selling are selling at high prices because that’s what the market is currently paying… I can look on CamelCamelCamel and see what prices I can get for board games (and other items) come November and December. For most, it’s just harder to find board games, but some are just really popular.

  2. Great article and I love your book.
    Well over the past few weeks I have been working on securing a deal with a wholesale supplier and as of last week the deal has been sealed. And because of that deal we have sent in over 300 items in a week. We have seen our sales skyrocket. We will be doing about 300 items or more a week throughout Q4.

    Our plan is the same, get as much items into Amazon as possible. Thanks to your book we started strategizing and implementing.

    However, we have been told to not to buy so much inventory in December do to having our books show assets at the end of the year. How do you handle your inventory in December?

    • Great game plan! Thanks for the kind words about my book.

      All year long I send in inventory to sell. I don’t worry about having assets at the end of the year. Sales in January are awesome, but you have to have the inventory there to make the sales. For me, the end of the year inventory is not something to worry about.

  3. Loretta Weiss-Morris

    My understanding is that an increasing number of sellers are being banned from Amazon because of protests from manufacturers over unlicensed selling of their items as “new.” It’s apparently viewed the same as if I bought a new car, drove with it off the lot and then tried to sell it as “new.” I can’t actually do that, even if the car still registers as zero miles (for instance if I had it towed off the lot instead).
    In other words, if you aren’t a licensed distributor for that item, you have no right to sell it as new on Amazon or anywhere else as “new.” And apparently more manufacturers are complaining to Amazon about what arbitrage sellers are doing and Amazon is banning people. This would be a major disaster for us.
    How is everyone dealing with this issue?
    Are you still listing your stuff as new? Are you listing it as “used like new”?
    Or what?

    • Very good question, Loretta. I’m anxious to learn more about that.

    • I am still listing new items I buy in retail stores as new, as long as they still look brand new. If there are any scuffs, tears, dents, or any other defect on the package, then I’ll sell it as “used, like new.”

      As for companies trying to get Amazon to stop 3rd party sellers from selling items as new, this is a new thing that has just recently started to happen, but only with a very few brands. These brands can try to make selling the items on Amazon restricted, but they can not come after and try and punish those who are currently selling these items. They can only ask Amazon to restrict their brand so that only Amazon call sell them (or 3rd party sellers who have accounts with the brand). For now, most brands are fine with sellers selling their items on Amazon. Who knows what the future will hold… so this is a good reason to look into wholesale.

      Here are the resources about wholesale I’m currently looking into. It’s really exciting to learn about wholesaling. Below, I list out my favorites from top to bottom. Check these out if you have a minute:

      Proven Wholesale Sourcing
      Wholesale Sourcing Conference (Price goes up on October 20th)
      Real Wholesale Sources

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