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Seller Central Tips: Reimbursements, Refunds, and How To Correct Other Possible Amazon Glitches. This is a free PDF ebook that will help you know how to interact with Amazon Seller Central to get you your proper reimbursements, refunds, and to fix other possible Amazon glitches. This free book could get you back hundreds in reimbursements Amazon owes you.

The Most Current Sales Rank % Chart: This is a free PDF download that features the sale rank breakdowns for all the major Amazon categories. We offer charts for for Amazon US, Amazon Canada, and Amazon UK.

The Top 66 Amazon Seller Acronyms (and what they all mean). This is a free printable PDF cheatsheet that explains all of the most used Amazon seller acronyms. Find out what ASIN, Q4, BAM, BSR, LTSF, and more all mean.

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16 responses to “Here are your free downloads!

  1. I love your sales rank chart. 2 questions for you.

    What has been your experience of selling vinyl?

    and with the rank, I notice that your chart has “CDs and Vinyl” but the listings of vinyl are always “music” for the rank. How can I translate?

    • Unfortunately, I do not have any experience selling Vinyl on Amazon. The only knowledge I have about selling music is that Vinyl is the only music platform that is currently increasing in popularity. All o there formats (including digital) are seeing a decline. I on’t think this will mean that Vinyl will make a come-back and become king again, but with all the music streaming services, the opportunities to resell music is starting to decline.

      Right now, Amazon doesn’t allow me to separate the CD & Vinyl category to see how many are in each sub-category. I’m working on seeing if I can find a way and will split the category in my sales rank chart if I can find a way. Thanks for the questions!

  2. Hey Stephen, Congrats on all of your success. I am completely knew to this idea of reselling, but it really piqued my interest. A friend from high school has a credit card he uses to buy items in bulk. When he told me he had just spent $200,000 on electronics I was beyond confused. Since then ive done a fair amount of research, but I was wondering what type of items I should target considering my budget is only about $4000. Are there any particular apps that are helpful, or maybe different places I may not know about to buy merchandise?

    • If your budget is about $4000, then I would focus on books and toys/games. Especially toys since Q4 and the Christmas selling season are right around the corner. The Profit Bandit or Amazon Seller app are both good at helping you make good buying decisions. Garage sales and thrift stores will have the best profits, but retail store clearance sections will also provide you with many opportunities. Also, discount stores like Tuesday Morning, TJMaxx, and Ross might have some good stuff. Best of luck!

  3. Gai! Montgomery

    Hello I just signed up. I haven’t started Amazon’s yet but in the near future. I have a question! When you pack up your shipments I know you print out the postage. Do you pay then for shipping or does Amazon bill you later? Thank you. Now back to my research. Gail

    • Every 2 weeks, Amazon will either send you a disbursement payment based on the sales you have made, or will charge you based on the expenses you have. Most people will have a payment to be made the first time, but after that, with the sales you make, you’ll start getting disbursements into your back account. In regards to shipping fees, Amazon will charge it to your account, but it won’t be actually charged until the 2 weeks… so if you don’t have any sales, you’ll owe them that cost… but if you do have sales, the shipping cost will come out of those sales, and they will pay you whatever is over the fees you incur. Hope this makes sense.

  4. Can you add Shoes ranking to the list?

    • Shoes is on the list, but Amazon lumps it in with Clothing and Jewelry for some reason. I can’t get any specific shoe numbers, only the main categories Amazon offers. But in reality, shoes can be hard to read when it comes to sales rank because you can never know what size or variation the shoe that sold was that caused the ranking to improve. That’s why we try to go wide and not deep on any one size/variation of shoe. Hope this helps!

  5. I enjoyed your posts on FBA Global Export and wonder whether anything has changed since you published them in 2014. Thanks!

  6. Hi….I am so glad i found you youtube channel…let me tell you a bit about me ..My name is Diana I am a hairdresser by trade…I have a customer that has a huge amazon store 5 employees and makes a ton of money…when I asked him for a bit of advice on how to start an amazon store he clammed up …Ididnt think that was very nice…Anyway it lead me to discover things on my own …And here i am …now i just set up my pro account just 2 days ago i went out sourcing for the first time yesterday….VERY depressing mainly because I am restricted in so many thing i did find 6 things though…now i can’t FBA till dec 19 so i have to merchant fulfill and to be perfectly honest I’m afraid …So here i am looking for guidance….BTW love the videos

  7. Hi Stephen,

    I have watched truly hundreds of videos about Amazon selling, and I have been doing it aggressively, part time, for 4 1/2 years. I am just now stepping out to do this full time, but quite frankly, I am a little rattled. I just watched one of your videos, and “I believe”! I am going to purchase your book. I have one question: For someone who is willing to work ridiculous hours and has a modicum of intelligence, what is the income potential? (Broad question, I know.)

    Thank you!

    Eric Martindale

    • Unfortunately, there is no easy way to answer that question and I would be doing you a disservice giving you an exact number. I know that I’m able to use Amazon sales to support myself, my wife, and 4 kids in a 4 bedroom home we have here in Texas. Hope this helps!

  8. Is there is rule or formula to calculate no. of reviews I need to bring my product to rank on page 1.

    • Unfortunately, no. There are just too many other factors involved with the goal of getting on page 1. More reviews increase your chances, but it’s also dependent on the reviews of the other items that are using the same key words as you… and many other factors.

  9. Vinod, I am going to weigh in here. As Stephen noted, there is not even a range you could use as a guide. My second private label product began selling like crazy with somewhere around six or seven reviews. My third product took at least 30 to 35 to even get customers to seriously look at it. What you really need to look at is the number of reviews (and sales) that the top two rows of sellers have. They will tell you how mature that product type on Amazon is. If the top row or two are getting a lot of sales, but have only a couple of hundred reviews, then your product is probably not that sensitive to the number of reviews, ie, there is a huge demand and not a lot of sellers. On the other hand, if you look down to the third or fourth row, and you’re still seeing that the products have a lot of reviews, you’re going to need a lot of reviews. If this is the case, you’re also going to need a lot of other things besides reviews, ie, an intricate understanding of PPC, high quality photos, optimized title and bullets, and something that sets your product apart from the competition.