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It’s pretty simple: The more you learn, the more you earn.

Just like you can pay a physical trainer to show you how to become physically fit the right way, sometimes it’s worth it to pay for a digital course or book to gain the knowledge and skills you currently lack.

Increasing the knowledge you have in a specific area will help you save both time and money as you grow your business. The more you learn from others, the fewer mistakes you’ll make over time and the faster you can find success.

Scroll down this page and see if any of the trainings on sale might be able to help your Amazon business.

The Selling Family’s 30-50% Off Sale (see coupon codes below)


Toy Ungating Course
This course will teach you exactly where and exactly what to do to get approved to sell in many different toy subcategories. Grab this toy ungating training and you will be ready to get approved to sell in the toys category AND at least 25 of the major toy brands. This will open wide your Amazon sourcing possibilities as toys you were once restricted from selling will now be available to sell!
Normally $200
Only $140 with 30% off coupon code: BF30


Topicals Ungating Course
What if you could place a few wholesale orders and have the gates blocking many of the HBA subcategories magically opened? Good news! With this course you will easily get approved to sell in the Topicals, Oral Hygiene, Feminine Hygiene, and the Baby Diapering category…Plus many of the most popular brands within each of those categories. Grab this topical ungating training and you will be ready to get approved to sell topicals.
Normally $300
Only $210 with 30% off coupon code: BF30


Q4 Profits Strategy Guide
Take home your share of the Q4 profit pie and learn how to take advantage of the online Christmas shopping frenzy. If you’ve been at a mall or seen the UPS packages delivered to your neighbors’ houses in the weeks leading up to Christmas, you know there’s a whole lot of shopping going on during the 4th Quarter. This course is made up of a downloadable ebook and multiple videos to walk you through the process of buying right off the shelf and not just focusing on clearance items. Use this knowledge year after year to have an amazing Q4.
Normally $97
Only $48.50 with 50% off coupon code: BF50


Amazon Bootcamp
A video-driven online course that takes you step-by-step through the whole Amazon selling process. From signing up for a seller account to sourcing your first products, this course will walk you through everything you need to know to get started…and get started right. With over 10 hours of video training, you can be confident that you’ll be able to build up a strong foundation for selling on Amazon.
Normally $495
Only $346.50 with 30% off coupon code: BF30


Liquidation Gold
Liquidation is the secret behind how some Amazon sellers quickly scale a 6-figure Amazon business with very little investment capital. Stores often get rid of their overstock to surplus stores and this book teaches you how to find those outlets and cash in! You can often buy products for well below retail value, leaving very high profit margins. I’ve read this book and it helped me ramp up my profits when I was first selling on Amazon.
Normally $47
Only $23.50 with 50% off coupon code: BF50


Bolo-Mart – Lead Sharing Facebook Group
The term, BOLO, stands for “Be On the Look Out” and that’s exactly what this private Facebook group is all about: sharing profitable items to be on the look out for when you’re out sourcing for Amazon FBA inventory.
Normally $100/month
Only $70/month with 30% off coupon code: BF30



Tactical Arbitrage Sourcing Software Sale! (see coupon codes below)


Tactical Arbitrage
Tactical Arbitrage is the premier tool when it comes to saving time and making money sourcing for profitable items via Online Arbitrage. With a few clicks of the computer, you can turn countless hours of online sourcing into just minutes. For example, scanning all the items on one online store manually could easily take 20 hours of your valuable time, but with Tactical Arbitrage, the potential inventory for that same online store can be organized and ready to source in just a few hours. Time is money, and Tactical Arbitrage not only saves you time, but makes you money by only finding items on the online store that fit your buying parameters (sales rank, ROI, etc.).

For Cyber Monday, you can save on both the monthly AND the annual plans for Tactical Arbitrage. And I have to tell you that the coupon code for the annual plans is BIG DEAL! Coupon codes like these are super rare. If you’ve ever wanted to start using Tactical Arbitrage, now is the time.

Tactical Arbitrage Cyber Monday Specials (for monthly plans)

Full Tactical Arbitrage Suite
Normally $119/mo
Only $99/mo for the first 2 months with coupon code: CYBER19

Online Arbitrage & Wholesale
Normally $109/mo
Only $89/mo for the first 2 months with coupon code: CYBER19

Online Arbitrage (most popular)
Normally $89/mo
Only $79/mo for the first 2 months with coupon code: CYBER19


Tactical Arbitrage Cyber Monday Special (for annual plan)

Full Tactical Arbitrage Suite
Normally $1080/year
Only $864/year billed annually with coupon code: CYBER19

Online Arbitrage & Wholesale
Normally $1020/year
Only $816/year billed annually with coupon code: CYBER19

Online Arbitrage (most popular)
Normally $840/year
Only $672/year billed annually with coupon code: CYBER19

Normally $660/year
Only $528/year billed annually with coupon code: CYBER19


Clear The Shelf’s 50% Off Sale (see coupon codes below)


Tactical Arbitrage Academy
If you use Tactical Arbitrage to save time sourcing for inventory online, then you know just how amazing TA can be. The only problem is TA can be really hard to figure out and use correctly. If you’ve ever used TA before and it didn’t “work for you,” then you probably were not using it correctly. Tactical Arbitrage Academy is a video-based course that teaches you the ins and outs of how to use Tactical Arbitrage to actually find tons of profitable inventory to sell on Amazon. If you want my full review of TA Academy, then click here and read this. TA Academy has hundreds of happy students (including Rebecca and I), and the content is updated consistently to keep you up-to-date with fresh training videos.
Normally $397
Only $197 with $200 off coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY200


IP Alert – Get Notified of Possible IP Alerts
This easy to use Chrome extension will warn you of brands that are known to cause problems by being prone to filing IP complaints against sellers. The database is continually growing and being reviewed for accuracy, and they have over 1,000 happy users who feel safer knowing that the brands they are sourcing do not send out IP alerts to Amazon sellers.
Normally $99
Only $49 with $50 off coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY50


Marketing Words 50% Off Amazon Sale (see coupon codes below)


Amazon Product Description Boot Camp (Video Series)
Products not selling fast enough on Amazon? Watch and learn a pro’s secrets to creating magnetic Amazon product descriptions that will catapult your sales. Look over the expert’s shoulder and watch as she walks you through strategies to maximize your Amazon keyword research as well as create compelling titles, bullets, and product descriptions that help your products rank higher and sell more!
Normally $229
Only $114.50 with 50% off coupon code: blackfriday

Amazon Advantage: Product Listing Strategies to Boost Your Sales
Perfect for those who want to create their own product pages on Amazon that lead to more sales. Also good for improving current Amazon product pages. No matter if you’re a private labeler, bundler, or someone who is bringing new products to sell on Amazon, this book can help you rank higher in Amazon’s search results and sell more products.
Normally $49
Only $24.50 with 50% off coupon code: blackfriday

Review Advantage: Email Strategies for Getting Amazon Product Reviews (Legally!)
Discover techniques the Marketing Words team has used for years to create follow-up product review emails for your Amazon customers. Based on feedback from years of testing, these strategies have a positive impact when it comes to encouraging Amazon customers to leave after-purchase product evaluations. The more product reviews you get, the more your products will end up in search results… so improve your product feedback results today!
Normally $37
Only $18.50 with 50% off coupon code blackfriday

And more 50% off deals from Marketing Words


Proven Amazon Course 60% off Sale (no coupon code needed)

Proven Amazon Course
This is the largest course focused on selling on Amazon. With video driven training, it will help you start up and succeed with selling on Amazon. This course has new content added multiple times a year and covers multiple different ways to sell on Amazon. Includes both basic and advanced strategies and teachings to take your Amazon business to the next level – no matter what level you’re on! This course rarely goes on sale, now is the best time to get this course!
Normally $499
Only $200 with no coupon code needed!


Proven Product Partnering 90% off Sale (see coupon code below)

Proven Product Partnering 2.0
What if YOU could sell millions on Amazon without ever investing a dime in inventory? Millions (literally millions!) of brand owners and hot products aren’t even on Amazon yet, and by helping those brands get into the market you can get paid very well without ever spending a dime on inventory! It’s a business model that costs you nothing to deploy and creates a profitable win/win from day one! This course can show you how to find these products (they are literally everywhere). It’s as simple as approaching the brand or product owner, asking if you can set up an Amazon account (you can get paid to do this part!), and then you put their products on Amazon. When products sell, they get paid and you get paid!
Normally $597
Only $59 with the 90+% off coupon code PPP4U


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