Sales Numbers

Cut-Lead-Costs-in-Half-and-Increase-Sales-Revenue-by-105-PercentWhy We Don’t Share the Sales Numbers From our Amazon FBA Business:

Many times other sellers ask us about our sales because they want to plan for leaving a 9-to-5 job and begin selling full-time on Amazon. We understand that people are curious about our sales numbers, but we choose not to share dollar amounts or unit amounts because the results for every business are different.

We make a full-time income for our family of 6 solely from our FBA business, including a mortgage on a 4-bedroom house. The cost of living in our city and state will vary from the cost of living in your city and state. Likewise, our monthly expenses will vary from yours, especially if you have debt. It is more helpful for you to look at your own personal expenses and budget accordingly from your FBA business than it is to look at our sales numbers as a basis for how you should budget and plan for your finances. Thank you for understanding our position on this issue!

We highly recommend Financial Peace University and Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey for more information on how to budget for expenses when you have a variable monthly income, as well as how to eliminate debt and gain financial freedom.