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  1. tracy burroughs

    I was also wondering what is a good site to buy UPC bar codes from , and if you have ever had any brands that were not allowed on AZ. Ive had several brand named items removed even though they were being sold on Amazon. do you know of a list anywhere of brands that are not allowed? I have searched but havent been able to find anything. one more question, do you ship all your inventory to FBA or do you also do MF on some? sorry for all the questions!!!!

  2. I would say that 85% of the items I sell on Amazon are new and the other 15% are used/collectible. The only used stuff I sell are used books, DVDs, Cd, or Toys/Games. You can sell used stuff on Amazon on the same listing as the new one, as long as it’s listed as used. If it’s a “used toy, then it needs to be listed as “collectible.”
    Good luck! Any time you have a question, feel free to ask!

  3. Hi if you need help moving your blog to a new site (domain name) i can do that for you.

    Thank You

  4. I got an email from Seller Engine about collecting sales tax for FBA sellers, but I haven’t really looked into it until today and haven’t noticed many of the blogs mention it. Do you have any information on this? It seems like it would be a real pain since it looks like you pretty much have to collect it for every state that Amazon has a warehouse in. This could easily be enough to deter me from wanting to be an FBA seller.

  5. Hi Stephen,
    Just found your website, lots of great information!
    My question is about organizing your FBA inventory. How do you keep your inventory organized when you have thousands of products? I see that you can list everything alphabetically or by date sent in, but is there some way to create seperate folders so you can organize products by category or manufacturer or some other parameter?

    Thanks for all your help.

    • Larry, Some people use the MSKU’s to help them organize their inventory. They might have the MSKU be TG_399_080114_001 to mean that item is in the Toys and Games category, purchased for $3.99 and bought on August 1st 2014. Maybe that could help you, but for now, there is no way to put inventory in folders in Seller Central. Hope this helps!

  6. Hi Stephen,
    I just discovered your website but don’t really remember how I got there but I am glad I did. I really enjoyed where you let us do research on products you posted. This is exactly how I like to learn; by examples. I hope you continue to do this.

    John L

  7. Hi Stephen
    I bought your resellers guide to board games , I really liked it , I also subscribed to your news letter which I love . I am a FBA seller since 2 years
    I have been thinking about going global and it seems easy to sign up, but
    I am worried there is a little more to it then signing up and send my stuff to amazon. Do you prices differently for global and what are the fee ‘s for amazon ?

    • Rita,

      There are no extra fees for selling via FBA Global Export. The buyer pays all the international fees and they are told that up front.

      It really is this simple: Sign up for FBA Global Export and almost all of your inventory will be eligible to be sold in 65 countries across the globe at no additional fee to you!

  8. Hello,
    Stephen, I have been selling fba for 4 months. In those 4 months I have had 3 books go missing. 1 book was found. Is this common practice with Amazon? I hear many goods things about selling fba, but I have to say, if my products continue to go missing. My trust in selling fba will be gone. What advice could you give about this. Thank-you.

  9. Hi Stephen,
    I’ve decided to join the madness.

    I have a request for several additional categories. I think it’s time you(we) got involved with accounting (am I really making a PROFIT???). And accountings evil spawn-TAXES.

    And I would appreciate it if you could point me to a discussion on PRIME. I have a sizable inventory of used books. How do I decide what makes a particular book (or any item) a prime candidate.


    • Mel, welcome to the madness!

      Yes, once you join online selling, it’s best to start at the beginning with making sure all your numbers (receipts, profits, etc) are right. When I started, I used a simple excel spreadsheet. In fact, here is the link to get the spreadsheet:

    • As for taxes, I get all my info from TaxJar. Google them and they will help you out tremendously.

      I would say that ALL books are candidates for Prime. In fact, you could potentially make more money selling books via FBA than if you did it merchant fulfilled yourself. Many buyers will pay MORE to get the book in 2 days (with the free 2-day prime shipping).

      Hope this helps!

  10. Hi there,

    I was hoping to get in touch with you. Drop me a line!

  11. Hi Stephen, I am new to this whole thing and just listed my first product FBA but thinking about pulling it because of possible quality issues and how those issues may effect my future business with Amazon. Would like your opinion if you think I have a problem or not. I sourced my product from China and am selling under a private label. After getting the product at our house and working with it I could see some issues…my wife on the other hand really likes it and doesn’t think the quality issues I see are problems. Reviews for similar products have about 30% poor (sum of 1 and 2). But even similar items by big name brands are seeing 15-20% poor reviews but selling well. I had some handling instructions printed up and included which I think will help address some of the negative feedback I see but not all of it. I don’t want to disappoint a lot of people and I also don’t want to make Amazon mad and get a poor seller reputation. I don’t have that much invested in it at this point and have only shipped 40 units to FBA so I could pull it if need be. What happens if I start selling and I get a ton of bad product reviews? Will Amazon shut me down….is 30% terrible (sounds bad to me)? What is a good strategy for dealing with poor product reviews (if I get them). Thanks.

    • Here are my thoughts…

      1. If you get bad product reviews, it won’t hurt you as an Amazon seller. There are tons of Amazon items that have bad product reviews, and they still sell like crazy.
      2. Remember, more people complain (leave bad reviews) than who leave good reviews, so it’s really not 30% of people leaving bad reviews… it’s just 30% of reviews. Amazon will not shut you down.
      3. If you as a seller get a bad feedback because of this item, then it’s considered a feedback violation and you can open up a ticket in Seller Central and have the feedback removed.
      4. Overall, I think that including the note is a good idea, and I think that you’ll do just fine selling this item on Amazon.

      I wish you success!!!

  12. Robert Hamilton


    Have you ever sourced board games that are out of your local area that had to be shipped to you? How do you insure yourself against fraud? (i.e. You sent them money, they sent you a game with many pieces missing) Or do you only buy locally?

    Thank you.

    • Robert, I either meet the seller in person (with a friend and in a public place) or I buy through venues like eBay that offer buyer protection. I would not buy from a craigslist ad from another town, but some may if they want to risk it.

  13. Stephen, I want to get into Retail Arbitrage so I have bought me an android phone, downloaded the Amazon App and put the Barcode Scanner app on the phone. If it makes any difference, my service provider is AT&T.
    My question is: If I am going to scan for products at Walmart, does there also have to be a WiFi presence in the store or does the phone automaticaly switch to the “data mode” and will secure the product information from Amazon to my phone-ie. price, rank & etc in order that I can compare, especially the price, while I am standing at the product in Walmart.

    • Tom, if you’re scanning on a phone, then you’ll be using your phone’s data plan to get the data from Amazon. Keep a close eye on your data so you don’t go over your plan and incur fees. Most likely, you won’t eat up much data, but it is possible, depending on your data plan. With the Amazon App, you’ll be able to get all the data in the store. I’d also recommend using the Amazon Seller App, but especially the Profit Bandit app.

  14. Thanks Stephen.

    Seller Central Tips is great. I haven’t finished going thru it all . I skimmed it quickly and then I printed it out into a binder, so much easier to grab a binder than opening the computer and logging in every where. A quiet time of reading in bed is much better. You covered a lot of stuff that really helps to avoid some pitfalls. Things in there that I hadn’t thought of ..yet. You nailed it. I really am thrilled to have found this. Thanks

  15. Hi Stephen,

    I’m reading alot about doing arbitrage and FBA and honestly I’m completely confused. How did you learn all of this?

  16. Gene Higginbotham

    I am 76 years old and driving/walking/dumpster-diving to find stuff to sell on FBA is not my cup of tea. Therefore I have decided to specialize in online book arbitrage and have heard about eFlip and Zen Arbitrage. I can find plenty of info about eFlip but not much on Zen. Have you looked at these two tools (or others for online book arbitrage) and what do recommend? I understand that eFlip was copied from Zen and therefore I wanted to use the original but cannot even find the price for Zen.

    • I’m not into dumpster diving either… never have and won’t try it. lol. I have never tried any of the services you mentioned so I don’t have an opinion on either.

  17. Tiffany Pride

    Stephen, I am a new Amazon Seller. Do you offer coaching? Maybe, 1 hour initially and a follow-up call…

  18. Still not getting the sales rank list. If you are getting from, I know why ( as it is now defunct). If not, please send it again. I can use, but I like to see the 1% 3% and 5% lists if I can. It is helpful and can save time.

    Take care.

    • I actually have my own methods of getting the sales rank information and then hired a VA to create the spreadsheet every month. If you’re on my mailing list, you should be getting an email once a month with the links to the latest downloads. I’ll email you directly with the link.

  19. Gene Higginbotham

    stephen, I would also like to have your sales rank data.

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