Book Review: Feedback Mastery: The Amazon Annihilation Feedback Repair System

feedbackYour feedback rating: it is one of the most important numbers to anyone selling on Amazon. A high feedback rating is essential to making more sales. Buyers trust sellers with a high feedback rating. Not only that, but the secret algorithm to winning the coveted buy box most definitely includes the seller’s feedback score. On the other hand, a low feedback score will get you fewer sales — and could eventually get a seller banned from selling on Amazon all together.

All resellers have had it happen to them, and if you haven’t, then you probably will soon. You check your feedback score and see that a customer has left you unfair feedback. Do any of these look familiar?

  •  The customer who ordered a book described as “Good condition, has some pages underlined” gives you a 1 star feedback rating and complained that there was underlining on some of the pages.
  • A customer ordered a book described as “Good condition, signed by the author” gives you 1 star and complains that there was writing on the first page.
  • The customer who ordered a VHS copy of “Star Wars” complained that they got a VHS copy of Star Wars (because they assumed it was a DVD).
  • The customer states in the review “Great seller, fast shipping, awesome item” but accidentally clicked on the 1 star rating.

These feedback scores are not your fault, but could possibly put your Amazon selling account (and possibly your livelihood!) in jeopardy. It’s up to you as a business owner to be proactive in protecting your feedback score at all costs.


Click on the book image above to learn even more about Feedback Mastery.

In his book Feedback Mastery: The Amazon Annihilation Feedback Repair System, author Peter Valley addresses feedback from every possible angle. He not only shares how to get positive feedback, he addresses how to get unfair negative feedback removed. Peter gives an exhaustive list of everything you can do to improve or repair your current feedback situation. Even if your Amazon account has been suspended, he discusses the best ways to get it reinstated.

Don’t just assume that if you do your best as a seller, that positive feedback will  automatically follow. Acquiring and maintaining a good seller reputation is still a matter of doing work. The good news is that this work is easy and doesn’t take up a lot of time. Enhancing your seller reputation, and thus distinguishing yourself from your competition, calls for going above and beyond. Peter not only teaches you to become a magnet for positive feedback, but also how to proactively attack any and all negative feedback that may come your way.

Feedback Mastery is not just a bunch of random ideas to help your feedback score. It’s a detailed step by step process of doing whatever it takes to repair and improve your feedback. There are even some ideas that I would only do under extreme circumstances, but if my account was about to be banned for life, then I might follow through with some of his extreme suggestions.

I’ve been selling on Amazon for 3 years, and I still learned a lot from this book. I recommend this book for both new and experienced Amazon sellers alike. The book is great for new sellers because one negative review when you are starting out could lower your feedback score by double digit percentage points. For experienced sellers, you already know how important having a great feedback rating can be. I used the information found in this book to get one of my negative feedbacks removed in just a few minutes.

To find out more about Feedback Mastery: The Amazon Annihilation Feedback Repair System, just click here.

Have any feedback stories you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.



6 responses to “Book Review: Feedback Mastery: The Amazon Annihilation Feedback Repair System

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  5. Many say we should not request feedback from friends, but how can Amazon find out if the people leaving you a positive review are your friends or people you know?

    I know Amazon’s new system can detect if the positive review was made from a “family, friend or someone you know” if the system finds any relation between your seller account and the other amazon account that gave you the positive review. These include things such as:  

    – Any relation between credit card numbers either used currently or in the past between seller and reviewer
    – Any relation between bank account names and addresses either used currently or in the past between seller and reviewer
    – Any relation between shipping addresses and phone numbers either used currently or in the past between seller and reviewer
    – Any relation between IP addresses either used currently or in the past between seller and reviewer

    Other than that… is there anything else that can link your seller account with a reviewer account and get you in trouble?


    – Lexy

  6. Recently had a 1 Star for a video game that included a cable when we shipped it to FBA, made sure to seal it properly and list it as Like new with new contents and includes cable. The buyer did not receive the cable and demanded we overnight an new cable. We only had the one in stock due to it being a clearance item so did not think that an option. We called Amazon to help us navigate the situation due to the threatening tone when the customer said, “if you don’t, I will make it my life mission to ruin your business.” Amazon told us to direct them to call their customer service and assured us that if a negative feedback was left they would remove it since it’s FBA. We responded to the customer in 15 mins. We assumed they would refund him and potentially expedite him a cable. Well now Amazon says, because we don’t have the FNSKU in stock they are not able to verify the cable in our current inventory, which is confusing since the customer still has the only game we had in stock. Amazon is now forced to side with the customer and their negative feedback, which mentions our delayed response and no effort to resolve the matter!

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