Feedback Mastery


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The third book for the Amazon Reseller Book Club is Feedback Mastery: The Complete Guide to Repairing Your Amazon Feedback Using Every Trick in the Book I have read this book, and it’s one of the top reasons I maintain a 100% positive feedback score today.

I contacted the author, Peter Valley, to talk to him about featuring his book with our Amazon Reseller Book Club. He must have been in a very generous mood because he is giving us his biggest discount ever for this book. Feedback Mastery is usually $47, but when you click here and use the coupon code FULLTIMEFBA the price of the book will drop from $47 to only $19.99. That’s over 57% off the regular price. I’ve never seen the price of this book so low. Now is the best time to grab this book.

I encourage you to get this book as soon as possible and begin reading it the day you get it. Momentum is really important when it comes to starting and finishing a book, so get started!

Here is the plan for our book club live-stream videos on Periscope:

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